Unusually heavy grain purchases at Hialeah supermarket surprise customers

Customers in a supermarket created a surprise hialeah Due to large scale procurement of grain packages made by him in the said establishment.

up to six supermarket carts wal-mart They were completely filled with boxes of cereal from different brands, leaving other shoppers stunned.

The news site sarcastically said, “If you were looking for cereal at this Walmart in Hialeah and didn’t find any, here’s why…”. only in dadWhich published a video showing customers passing through a supermarket checkout.

The line of six shopping carts filled with grains caused surprise and curiosity among users who left comments on the publication.

Some ventured that they were for resale through e-commerce, others said it was shopping for nuclear shelters. Some said this type of purchase was common for military personnel on maneuvers at military bases, and others bet that the purchase would end up on the shelves of a bank. MSME in Cuba,

The Walmart chain is very popular among Cubans living in the United States, as evidenced by their numerous publications on social networks.

who is there they take the opportunity to dance With the ambient music of the establishment, some They regret how expensive the purchase was, while others believe it turned out cheap. Anything else They belong to the series criminally,

In mid-December, two Cuban women – one a customer, the other a cashier – They were involved in an altercation at a supermarket in HialeahAs can be seen in a video that went viral on the network.

In the pictures you can hear how a woman attacked a saleswoman of Cuban origin, whom she challenged to come out from behind the counter to “let down her hair”.

“Get down so you can see you’re not in Cuba. This is the United States of America, baby” the woman screamed, clearly upset.

It is unclear what happened, but it appears there was a disagreement over whether to keep purchased items on tape or exclude some of them from the final purchase.

“Can you imagine leaving a country and society as rotten as Cuba, arriving in a country with all the opportunities you could ever imagine, and being treated like this by an employee who is serving you? how horrible!” They said. A commentator.

“He hasn’t taken off his flip flops yet”; “People who should never have come”; “I haven’t been to Florida since 1979 because of things like this”; “These characters don’t fit anywhere”; Others said, “Gossip is in their DNA. What a shame! They classify us all equally.”

,Jayliya is third world and I am not going to discuss it with anyone.” said one woman in the comments on the video.

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