Uruguay condemns the increase in arrests by the Maduro regime against María Corina Machado’s team

Uruguay condemned the increase in arrests by the Maduro regime against María Corina Machado’s team. (EFE/Rayner Pena R)

He Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay This Wednesday he expressed his energetic disapproval of arbitrary arrests Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela against opposition leader’s campaign team Maria Corina Machado,

“The events of the last few hours confirm the progressive deterioration of the political situation in Venezuela, an escalation that confirms the distance barbados accord by the Venezuelan government,” Uruguay’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on the social network X.

“Uruguay condemns these arbitrary actions and follows with concern and solidarity these incidents, which involve human rights abuses by state structures and those of opponents of the regime,” he said.

Finally, the statement emphasizes that Uruguay supports international calls for democracy to demand the early release of all those arrested for political reasons.

Earlier this month, the Vice Chancellor of uruguay, nicholas albertoniattacked Venezuelan dictatorship By Maria Corina Machado banned Compete for your participation in the 2024 presidential elections Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) which was held Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,

Representing his country, Albertoni picked up “A respectful and reassuring call to the Venezuelan government to return to the path of democratic coexistenceand quoted the President louis lacalle pauWho had said on old forums that “Uruguay is not ready to remain silent on these issues as if nothing has happened,

,Arbitrary restrictions like those of Maria Corina Machado are unacceptable to usand arrest of the worker Rocío San MiguelAs well as the expulsion of the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights,” he said.

Meanwhile, former leaders who make Democratic initiative of Spain and America (IDEA) eligiblestate terrorismVenezuelan dictatorship’s actions against Machado and his political organization sell venezuela And he asked the US to condemn the “arrest orders issued” against members of his campaign.

,We solemnly call on the democratic governments of the Americas and Europe, especially the United States, to take action to disrupt and condemn this practice of state terrorism.The IDEA manifesto, signed by 26 former heads of state and government from Spain and Latin America, states.

The former leaders who created the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA) described the Venezuelan dictatorship’s actions against Machado and his political organization Vente Venezuela as “state terrorism”. (EFE/Giorgio Vieira)

Maria Corina Machado He blamed the Chavista leadership for this.brutal repression“The information which has been used against the party leader after his arrest, henry alvirezand Political Secretary, former Deputy Dignora Hernandez.

“World alert! The Maduro regime carried out brutal repression against my campaign teams (…) These cowardly actions are aimed at closing Venezuela’s path to peace and the transition to democracy and to independence,” said the former deputy, candidate for the opposition majority in the primaries. Elected in the presidential election 28th July.

Machado also warned about arrest requests made hours earlier prosecutor’s office Against seven members of his party, including his campaign manager. Magalli Maida,

Former heads of state and government members of IDEA rejected these arrests and the presence of the Venezuelan Political Police at the headquarters of Venta Venezuela, a measure that only “seeks to prevent her (Corina Machado) from participating in the presidential elections. “

,This is a serious attack against the possibility that the Venezuelan nation can enjoy free, fair, competitive and transparent elections. As is appropriate for any democratic society,” the declaration underlines.

Machado warned about arrest requests made hours earlier by the prosecutor’s office against seven members of his party, among them his campaign chief Magalli Maeda. (EFE/Miguel Gutierrez)

In the opinion of former Ibero-American presidents, these actions taken by the Venezuelan regime “reveal serious difficulties in guaranteeing that the next elections will be held in accordance with the law on participation in public affairs as provided for in international agreements.” Civil Rights and the Politician”.

Hours before the alarm call from the Attorney General, María Corina Machado, imposed by the dictatorship, tarek william saabThe arrests of Álvarez and Hernández were reported for alleged links to violent plans related to the July elections, in which Maduro will seek a third consecutive six-year term in power.

Saab assured that those captured were planning “violent action” to “force” the registration of Machado’s candidacy, which is subject to a sanction that prevents him from competing for elected positions.

(with information from EFE)

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