US supports Machado after Nicolás Maduro unleashes “Bolivarian fury” against him

The United States has supported the Venezuelan opposition following an international warning issued by its leader this Tuesday. Maria Corina Machado, Following the harassment and arrest of members of his election team. The Under Secretary of State responded, “I am deeply concerned by the recent actions against the opposition and civil society in Venezuela based on baseless allegations. We will continue to push for a more open political environment, competitive presidential elections, and due process ” Brian A. Nichols.

The US official said the electoral roadmap agreed with the Barbados agreement requires a “culture of tolerance and co-existence” as well as “equality of conditions”. None of them have been fulfilled in Venezuela today, as Machado made clear in his statement a few hours ago. “This madness must be stopped, because it means Bolivarian fury. Nicolás Maduro ordered the repression from the Miraflores Palace,” revealed the democratic opposition candidate, who was angry and very firm.

The election candidate condemned the arrest of two regional heads of his campaign and the harassment of three others, saying, “They can’t look the other way, they can’t leave us alone.” Venta Venezuelan leader directly blames Maduro A clear violation of the Barbados agreements, Signed between the government and the opposition, with the sponsorship of the United States.

Maria Corina questioned, “How will you run a campaign if they take your kidnapped and disappeared people?” A military-police operation was launched from the Miraflores Palace last week Torture and intimidate those who oppose him, It has already claimed the freedom of teacher Victor Venegas, head of the teachers union in Barinas.

Juan Freites, The Vente Venezuela coordinator in Vargas state, adjacent to Caracas, was illegally and arbitrarily detained by government forces. A security camera recorded the moment in which a group of men, dressed in civilian clothes and armed with guns, did what appeared to be The violent kidnapping of Freitas. nor know anything about it Luis Camacaro, Coordinator in Yaracuy, one of the plains states.

On the Brazilian border, Douglas Rodríguez, head of the Bolivar Command, was snatched half-naked by a large group of people from the clutches of agents who pointed guns at the civilians.

On the revolutionary side, and from their platform, Maduro investigated the conspiracy By which he intends to justify the latest wave of repression. “If someday the fascists hurt me, attack something, I leave it in your (referring to the people) hands to know what to do,” the “son of Chávez” said, despite the fact that FB was the first It was already above, it overflowed. And going on. since last week. Between the President and his Prosecutor, Tarek William Saab, In recent times, they have been responsible for spreading five alleged conspiracies against his life.

The CIA, the anti-narcotics agency DEA, opponents in Miami and Madrid, as well as union members and teachers may have participated in similar conspiracies filled with imagination. Already 32 arrests have been made and 17 arrest warrants have been issued.

He replied with a smile, “It obviously seems a little… well, not even a little bit. It doesn’t seem credible at all.” Karin Jean-Pierre, White House spokesperson when questioned by reporters about CIA involvement in these alleged assassination attempts.

“It is the habit of the Chavista regime to harass, imprison, and even physically harm the political and logistical base of the opposition leadership, It happened with Capriles, it happened with Guaidó and now it happened with Machado. Of course, the more autocracy is closed down, the more difficult it becomes,” the political scientist summarized. Walter Molina Galdi.

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