VAR audio reveals US penalty against Lyon

The audio shows that the VAR judge and central referee hesitated before awarding the maximum penalty for Steven Barreiro’s handball.

Mexico – the Mexican Soccer Federation Audio of video refereeing revealed, making it possible to score a penalty mid-game Lion And AmericaAt minute 95. The action determined the winner of the game held at the Lyon Stadium.

person in charge in conversation VAR, Brian Omar GonzalezIt assumes that “we have certain elements” to define what the game is in. steven barreiro Touches the ball with his hand, inside the field.

Initially, the refereeing body ordered Marco Antonio Ortiz NavaThere were doubts whether there was a penalty, as they believed the ball had hit an Esmeraldas defender. Lion,

After seeing the pictures it looks like this VAROmar González, and AVAR, Salvador Pérez Villalobos, began to doubt whether there was a penalty, as images showed contact between the footballer’s hand and the ball.

The referee can be heard saying, “Give us time, please give us time to review.”l war,

After analyzing at least three images, they suggest Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava Review the game on the “field”, so he prompts in which he goes to the screen of VARTo watch the action in multiple replays.

“We’re going to put it out there because it has some elements to it,” Omar Gonzalez says. Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava He goes to VAR to review the action.

Despite the images, Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava He asks if there are more shots and finally decides that it is a handball, and then confirms the number of the player who committed the foul and justifies that there is no yellow card “because the ball came from a centre. Is.”

“Ready, I’m going to get a fine,” he says. Marco Antonio Ortiz NavaAnd then inform the public that he will receive the maximum penalty due to Steven Barreiro’s handball.

‘Cabacita’ Rodriguez took advantage of the opportunity and scored a goal and secured the victory. America In replacement time.

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