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Venezuela There is still no date for the presidential elections to be held this year, but since National Assembly 27 dates from the first days of May to December 8 have been proposed. now it’s up to National Election CouncilI (CNE) will take the final decision.

But in addition to the approximately 30 dates, this Wednesday 150 representatives of parties, unions and businessmen signed a document in which, in addition to endorsing possible dates, they commit to a process of permanent dialogue between the government and the opposition.

This new memorandum replaces the Barbados AgreementThe commitment of October 17, 2023 was considered between the ruling party and unitary platformWhich brings together about four representative opposition parties.

With this new step in Venezuelan politics, uncertainty has returned, as the agreement was brokered by the Kingdom of Norway under the supervision of the United States, including free elections, the release of political prisoners, and the elimination of disqualification for opponents. Was called for. .Them Maria Corina Machado.

Maria Corina Machado and Maduro

Nicolas Maduro and Maria Corina Machado.

This replacement abandons the unitary platform and at the moment it seems that the United States does as well.

This is because the electoral program proposal, signed by the political, social and religious sectors, “replaces” the Barbados Agreement.

“In my view, this agreement is a development of and replaces the Barbados Agreement. The least (…) can do. That is, the Barbados agreement is a subset of this set, this agreement is much larger,” said Jorge Rodríguez, president of the Chavista-majority parliament and the government’s chief negotiator with the opposition.

Rodriguez has given this statement Because the document represents 87 percent of the political parties as well as the country’s social, business, cultural and religious organizations, and it also includes “all the dates of all the proposals”, Rodríguez stressed to the media.

unilateral revocation
Barbados deal takes us back to major conflict in Venezuela

Although Rodriguez presented documentation showing the participation of approximately 200 people, uncertainty arises as to what will happen next, as the United States has threatened to reimpose sanctions if Barbados does not comply with the agreement. If it is repealed now, it remains to be seen what the demands of the Joe Biden administration will be.

“Unilateral abrogation of the Barbados Agreement, as suggested in this statement, takes us back to a state of major conflict,” he wrote on his X account. Rafael Uzcategui, coordinator of the human rights NGO Provea.

For former Chavismo minister Andrés Izarra, “now begins the phase of construction of an adapted election,” following the announcement of Barbados’ replacement.
One of the signatories of this new document was Luis Ratti, who is a presidential aspirant and has on several occasions condemned María Corina Machado as a factor of “destabilization” in the country.

After signing the document, Rati told EL Tiempo that it was undoubtedly “necessary” to forget Barbados because “not all regions were represented there” and now “a true democratic space has opened up.”

Last week, the anti-Chavista coalition presented its case to representatives of Norway as a facilitating country in negotiations with the government. 33 pages of complaints about alleged violations of agreements signed with the Venezuelan executive.

He then explained that the first 24 pages included information recorded until January 26, when the PUD condemned the partial violation of agreements by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) against anti-Chavista presidential candidate María Corina Machado. His disqualification was confirmed, which prevents him from contesting any election.

In this new phase it seems that the support of the Platform is once again concentrated in the international arena, especially because without Barbados there is no mechanism that would lead them to gain benefits through negotiations with Chavismo.

Ana Rodriguez Brazon
time reporter

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