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María Corina Machado confirms the call to Plaza Altamira, despite the platform of Chavismo, this #23January (video)

María Corina Machado, presidential candidate of the Unitary Platform, will celebrate the 66th anniversary of the events of January 23, 1958, in Plaza Altamira, with the presentation of her platform GANA (Grand National Alliance). lapatilla.com However, Chavismo set up a platform at the meeting place of the presidential candidates, in ... Read more

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El País: Chavismo prepares to attack NGOs

Photo provided by the press office of the Miraflores Palace showing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during the issuance of notification to the National Executive of the new legislative period 2024-2025 in Caracas (Venezuela). Maduro assured this Monday that his country forced Guyana to talk about the dispute that both countries ... Read more

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