María Corina Machado confirms the call to Plaza Altamira, despite the platform of Chavismo, this #23January (video)

María Corina Machado, presidential candidate of the Unitary Platform, will celebrate the 66th anniversary of the events of January 23, 1958, in Plaza Altamira, with the presentation of her platform GANA (Grand National Alliance).

However, Chavismo set up a platform at the meeting place of the presidential candidates, in the sense that María Corina Machado confirmed the call in Plaza Altamira through her social networks.

Machado highlighted, “The campaign is already underway and Maduro has chosen to be a repressive candidate,” adding, “There is no money, no sound towers, no bugles or threats that threaten to live in freedom.” Silence the voices of those who are determined to fight.”

Similarly, he denounced acts of vandalism at his party’s headquarters in the states of Mérida and Bolivar. “They believe that with this they are going to intimidate the will of people who are determined to bring about change,” he stressed.

In this sense he said, “Since he knows he does not have votes, he wants to hide behind threats, guns or sentences, because he knows he is going to lose. What is it that worries you? what is bothering you? What are we saying to the elections? That the city woke up from end to end? That people don’t want them and now want to throw them out? We are going on the election path and they will not take us from there.

Vente Venezuela headquarters in Merida woke up to signs of “Bolivarian fury” (photo)

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