Venezuelan opposition challenges to validate Corina Yorris’ candidacy amid fierce persecution of Chavista regime

Challenges of the Venezuelan opposition to validate the candidacy of Corina Yorris in the face of the maneuvers of the Chavista regime. (AP)

in the midst of a wave of arbitrary arrestsEnforced disappearances, disqualification of candidates and threats to anyone who thinks differently, the Venezuelan opposition managed to overcome the first obstacles and disrupt the Maduro regime’s strategy that had tried to inspire Maria Corina Machado Once again leading anti-Chavismo candidates to boycott elections.

Notwithstanding the disqualification imposed by general controllerI will hold public office, María Corina Machado announced Corina Yoriswho served as a member of National Primary Commission She would succeed him as presidential candidate last October. But the announcement does not mark the end of uncertainty for Yoris and the opposition. He will still have to face a regime that controls all public institutions on his way to a presidential candidacy.

Democratic Unitary Forum (PUD) has until this Monday, March 25, to nominate Corinna Yoris National Election Council (CNE) is due to decide on its entry between March 28 and April 1.

“From now until March 25, the match, a new time And this democratic unity table They have to be able to nominate Corinna Yoris. This does not mean that Yoris’s candidacy is confirmed or complete. “We have to wait between April 28 and April 1 for the National Electoral Council to say whether it accepts or rejects this candidacy,” said the director of eugenio martinez,

The Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD) has until Monday, March 25 to nominate a replacement for María Corina Machado and the National Electoral Council is scheduled to decide on her accession between March 28 and April 1. (efe)

“The first step for Corina Yoris to apply is to have her identity card accepted by the application system. If the system accepts it then it will be a submitted application,” he said.

However, this Saturday afternoon, the Venezuelan opposition condemned a move by the regime to prevent the registration of its candidate.

,I alert Venezuelans and the world to the ongoing move to prevent the registration at the CNE of Corina Yorris, the candidate of the Total Democratic Unity of Venezuela.“Maria Corina Machado said on her social networks.

On its part, the Democratic Unitarian Platform stated that “More than 54 hours have passed since the start of the application period and we have not received access to the system to be able to apply for Dr. Corina Yoris.,

“We repeat it once again: nothing and no one will divert us from the electoral path to achieve change for our Venezuela by force of a majority vote,” the PUD said.

With this scenario, Opposition candidacy It is at a crossroads, as it faces new maneuvers and challenges by third parties interested in torpedoing the process, with a crucial review period that extends from April 2 to 6.

The Venezuelan opposition condemned the move by the regime to prevent the registration of its candidate.

If Yoris’s nomination were challenged, “the National Electoral Council has the possibility to resolve this disqualification between 6 and 18 April.”

According to the director of, if the CNE decides to reject Yoris’s candidacy, a legal and political dilemma would arise. democratic unity table (MUD) and a new time (UNT), since Venezuelan electoral law does not specify whether these parties can present a new candidate in their place.

“In principle, it is up to you to present an application at the Democratic Unity Table (this Sunday, March 24). Period ends on 25th. On that day, in theory, it would be up to UNT to pursue the MUD application. The CNE does not allow parties to decide when to apply.

However, Martínez warned that “This new mobility of CNE reduces the application period from 5 days to just a few hours,

Venezuelan journalist specializing in electoral sources analyzed scenarios related to the Venezuelan opposition’s decision to continue insisting on the electoral path, despite the nomination of Corina Yorris and the increasing repression against her.

Despite being disqualified from holding public office by the Office of the Comptroller General, María Corina Machado announced that Corina Yorris, who had served as a member of the National Primary Commission last October, as presidential candidate Will take their place. (efe)

“Three easy conclusions: First, the strategy of dispersion of votes And inciting the opposition to abstain is not working. Second, Maria Corina Machado is surprising everyone by staying in electoral route, And third, despite all the frustrations that arise among Venezuelans today, the desire for change remains.

During this, sell venezuela The political organization (VV) led by Maria Corina Machado has said that the possibility of her candidacy for the presidential elections on July 28 is still being considered, despite facing disqualification until 2036.

He highlighted that Corina Yorris would act as the “unitary representative” of anti-Chavismo until the dispute related to Machado’s disqualification is resolved.

The opposition has the option to change its candidacy up to 10 days before the election and replace her with Maria Corina Machado.

According to Article 63 of ‘‘Organic law of electoral processes’Political groups have the power to make changes to their nominations, thus allowing replacement of their candidates up to ten days before the election date.

Venta Venezuela has said that the candidacy of María Corina is still being considered for the presidential elections scheduled for July 28, despite facing disqualification until 2036. (efe)

Subsequently, the National Electoral Council (CNE) will be responsible for informing voters of any changes or replacements stipulated by law.

In the scenario that time is insufficient to modify the election materials, the votes cast will be counted in favor of the candidate who will replace him.

More than a democratic exercise, these presidential elections have been the subject of both national and international questions due to the violation of the Constitution by the dictatorship, which always shapes an electoral process according to its form, where the winner is defined in advance.

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