Venezuelan Supreme Court lifts political disqualification of a journalist and a former deputy

Caracas, January 26 (EFE).- The Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) this Friday authorized the anti-government journalist Leonsis García and the former deputy Richard Mardo to exercise public functions, including those of the Republic. The veto established by the Comptroller General of Accounts (CGR) was removed.

In rulings issued by the Political-Administrative Chamber, the Supreme Court indicated that both García and Mardo “are qualified to exercise public functions, without prejudice to any criminal liability.”

These decisions come after the TSJ announced through Will publish the decision. Under review.

Among the “electoral guarantee” agreements agreed in Barbados last October, the parties agreed to a mechanism for the final resolution of political disqualifications that prevent many opposition Chavistas from competing in elections, as the majority president. In the case of a candidate for the post. Cons, Maria Corina Machado.

Leonsis García went before the TSJ on 7 December to request a review of his disqualification and then recalled that he had been imprisoned “eight times” in the past 25 years when he opposed the Chavista government, and “two years “Been in jail. Disqualified”, as he ran for mayor of Caracas.

For his part, Mardo wanted to compete for the post of mayor in a municipality in the state of Aragua (North) in 2021, but could not run due to the persistence of the political disqualification imposed in 2017.

The TSJ is also expected to rule on the case of former deputy Machado, who assures that he has never been informed of any disqualification, but the TSJ is expected to rule on him, using the mechanism agreed between the government and the PUD. Has been asked to review the matter.

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