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NASA has revealed how sound Space, and this isn’t the only time he captures sounds from space. However, this time he has captured a completely unusual sound:clash of galaxies, This amazing milestone is audio reception that represents the most sophisticated technologies used pot and professional musicians, providing a unique experience to understand cosmic events Through Ear,

Have you heard about the shocking merger of two galaxies?

This is made possible by converting data captured by NASA Hubble telescope, scientists appointed Ton the colors of imageto convert blue light More in notes High And this Red in most Less, This approach allows the brightness of stars and galaxies to be translated into an auditory experience, where lower tones represent brighter objects. Bigwhile high tone According The most small ones,

In galaxies spiral barsA strip of wires stands out that crosses the central bulb, while galaxies lenticular, between elliptical and spiral, has a disk appearance. The latter, for the most part, are lacking. gas And dustComposed mainly of old stars.

The exploration of the universe through this sound perspective does not stop. pot offers various Sonification Based on images and data from the Hubble Telescope. a very curious example Sonification star’s V838 Monocerotislocated at 20 thousand light years At the outer edge of a distant galaxy.

ARP 140. Source: NASA

In this representation sweetis associated with brightness Tone And this volumetuning the surrounding strings to musical notes. Sonification It starts with a pulse of light star Centralilluminating clouds dust And gas, This cosmic event, captured in two images two months apart, provides an auditory experience that radiates outward from the center of the first image, and then fade offand is repeated with Second image,

The question here is, how does NASA manage to capture these sounds through space if there is no vibrating matter to hear them?

However scientists point out that sound does not travel in a vacuum Ton And editions the elements of ImagesAs shine And this Post, it TechniqueIs known SonificationOffers a new way to experience and conceptualize astronomical data.

effect of Sonification This goes beyond mere scientific curiosity. It opens the doors of space exploration to a wider audience, including visually impaired communities, allowing them to “Listen, Images astronomical And extrapolate them to cosmic data.

this is a step Important Him Great bounce of KnowledgeGiving everyone the opportunity to explore and understand the mysteries, regardless of visual ability universe in a unique way and exciting,

Without a doubt, this collaboration is among pot And musicians have discovered a new way of exploring the universe, taking audiences beyond visual images and allowing them to enter the symphony of the universe. space, This innovative approach not only expands our understanding of cosmic phenomena, but also opens the door to space exploration for everyone, creating more information. including And accessible For those who want Miracle with Expansion And this beauty of universe,

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