Venezuelans clashed with each other and a fierce fight broke out on the Cartagena beach


Recently, a case of a violent confrontation between two women on the beaches of Marseille, Cartagena, Colombia, came to light through a video published on social networks.

By: El Universal

In the clip, both are seen attacking each other amidst dangerous and sharp rocks near the beach. Passersby tried to separate them, but the fight did not end until police arrived and both were arrested.

Many netizens commented that it could have ended badly due to the location they were located.

Below is the video:

According to the report given by the Cartagena Metropolitan Police, the fight took place at 6:45 pm yesterday.

“A case was presented with two Venezuelan citizens, residents of the La María neighborhood, who were promoting a fight in the beach area. Law 1801 of 2016, Article 27 Paragraph 1, was applied to them,” the institution indicated.

What does the law say about fights?

The law establishes that in case of street fighting, violations for attacking public safety will be applied, thus participants can face a fine equal to 50 to 100 times the amount of the Measurement and Update Unit (UMA) or a 36-hour arrest. Is.

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