Venezuelans tried to rob an ATM in Mexico, but everything ended in the worst way


In the middle of Valentine’s Day, the Banking and Industrial Police (PBI) of the Mexico City Security Secretariat (SSC-CDMX) managed to arrest two citizens of Venezuelan nationality who tried to rob a Banco Bienstar ATM in the office of Benito Juárez Mayor. had tried. In Mexico City.

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This is a way to check the balance of the Banco del Bienstar card if the application does not work

According to the Civil Defense Secretariat (SSC-CDMX), police officers were alerted by operators of the Command and Control Center (C2) South that a group of people were manipulating bank ATMs in an unusual manner. Bienstar, located at AJ 6 Sur, in the Santa María Nonoalco neighborhood.

Upon arriving at the scene, officials realized that the thieves were manipulating an ATM in an unusual manner, so they immediately began arresting them.

The thieves claim they are from Venezuela

Venezuelans began fleeing Mexico City upon realizing the presence of justice elements; However, success was achieved in arresting two.

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