Vincent Cassel, new move with the beautiful Narah Baptista: his legitimate daughter Deva!

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After a promotional marathon for Martin Bourbon’s film “The Three Musketeers: Milady”, Vincent Cassel took off for heaven. It was in Brazil that the actor spent the year-end holidays in the company of the beautiful Narah Baptista, a spectacular brunette with whom he has just reached a milestone.

Vincent Cassel, new move with the beautiful Narah Baptista: his legitimate daughter Deva!

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Year-end celebrations are a way for many people to take a break from work and enjoy a nice vacation with family. This was what Vincent Cassel wished after going to theaters to promote the film Three Musketeers: Milady With Eva Green, Romain Duris, François Civil, Pio Marmai, Dimitri Rassam, producer and Charlotte Casiraghi’s husband and director Martin Bourbolon. Everyone can congratulate themselves for this magnificent feature film, whose cinema audience has exceeded 2 million.

After such success, Vincent Cassel deserved to enjoy life. 57 year old actor lost his senses Direction Brazil, to Rio de Janeiro Where he has his own habits, sunbathing, relaxing, swimming, doing all with great love. Vincent Cassel joins the beautiful Narah Baptista Which he seems to be closer to than ever for the past several weeks. The beautiful brunette even traveled to Paris to support the actor during a screening three Musketeers, At this end of the year, he is the one who joined her.

Official presentations with Deva Castle

If they haven’t already walked hand in hand on the red carpet, Vincent Cassel and Nara Baptista can no longer live without each other. Now separated from Tina Kunaki, the woman he married in 2018 and who gave him a daughter, Amazonie, born in 2019, Vincent Cassel takes advantage of every moment he spends with Nara Baptista. And it’s proof that he’s very attached to her, and he wants to make their story long-term, He introduced him to Deva, one of the girls From his marriage to the beautiful Monica Bellucci.

On their Instagram Story account (see ours). slide show), Deva Cassel released a video of Nara Baptista dancing by the swimming pool in a bikini. Images that the main interested party himself shared on his account. This is proof that both the women were introduced to each other and got along with each other in a wonderful way. A big step that further proves that the actor has no intention of moving away from the slogan in the near future.

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