Violence in Ecuador: A prosecutor’s office was shot at in the city of Manta

Prosecutor’s office in Ecuador attacked without injuries

(from Quito, Ecuador) The facilities of the Manta Prosecutor’s Office were the target of an attack without any injuries, which caused material damage. According to the Public Ministry, the attack occurred around noon (Ecuador time). When the incident was discovered, tax and police agents rushed to the scene to take the first steps as part of the investigation launched in this matter.

The city of Manta is located 395 kilometers south-west of Quito in the Manabí province, whose coasts have been characterized as desirable routes for drug traffickers to move large consignments of drugs mainly to the US and other parts of Europe. Is. Manabi is listed as Money laundering center in EcuadorThis is also the jurisdiction from which Los Choneros originated, the drug gang led by the alias Fito, whose escape led to violent incidents that led to the declaration of internal armed conflict in Ecuador.

The attack on the Public Ministry office took place in the afternoon

,The organization reiterates its call to law enforcement agencies to guarantee the safety of missionaries and administrative personnel of prosecutor’s offices throughout the country., so that they can continue to fulfill their functions of providing citizens access to justice,” the state Attorney General’s Office said in a statement. Officers of the unit have been victims of threats and attacks, such as what happened on January 17, when assailants shot him dead Prosecutor Cesar Suarezwhich was to be investigated Violent takeover of TC Television And the woman who was tracking Fito’s trip to Argentina, where he was He was deported along with his family.

The Prosecutor’s Office distributed a pamphlet that linked the attack to the pseudonym Fito (ex/State Attorney General’s Office).

On the day Suárez was murdered, an official document was released by the Manabi Prosecutor’s Office indicating that Prosecutor Suárez requested international assistance from Argentina and asked that “all Manabi Prosecutor’s Offices be requested to certify the legal status of Mrs. Inda Mariela Penarita Tuárez.”, That is, if it is examined and/or processed within the tax file.”

In answer to the question of infobaeThe Communications Department of the Attorney General’s Office stated that they could not confirm that these documents were true or confirm that Suárez alias Fito’s wife was being investigated “because the prosecutor is investigating her death.” “You can’t obstruct that process.” The case is currently in the tax investigation phase, which will last 30 days starting with the allegation two suspicious people Of murdering the prosecutor.

At the site of the attack on 29 January, a pamphlet was found showing a photograph of the alias Fito and an image with the inscription “100% Choneros”. The text reads: “Don’t mess with the family. They are separate from all my problems. “We rule all of Ecuador.” Then they call it quits by threatening to continue attacking the institutions. If the attack was carried out by Los Choneros, the letter would be related to the investigation against them aka fito’s wife,

Photograph of Adolfo Macías alias Fito, released by the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Interior in 2013. , Credit: Government of Ecuador

since the president Daniel Noboa announced internal armed conflictOn January 9, the forces of order have executed 51,206 on To neutralize members of 22 narcocriminal groups at the national level who have been classified as terrorists. As of January 28, according to the latest official information, out of 4,181 detainees, 237 individuals will be prosecuted for terrorism.

Interior Minister Monica Palencia reported that before January 9, an average of 27.8 violent deaths were recorded per day. Whereas now as a result of the operation carried out by the security block the figure is 10.6. “We’re getting the numbers down and we’re going to get it under control,” he said. equavisa,

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