Disney paid Johnny Depp $68 million to appear for 7 minutes in this 2010 film

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Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean or even Alice in WonderlandIt must be said that actor Johnny Depp has perfectly interpreted the different roles of these characters that have become icons over the years and that have become iconic references in cinema today.

And if in 2010 he played the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, here it is Disney paid a high price to see it appear for a few minutes,

This movie cost Johnny Depp $68 million!

This is actually the news we get from our coworkers Wire, While the actor faced real success with his portrayal of Jack Sparrow through the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, Disney has decided to pay a high price to see Johnny Depp through Alice in Wonderland.

This live-action film from Tim Burton actually features the actor playing the Mad Hatter we only see him for 7 minutes, These cost a lot of money for big companies. According to the site, In fact Disney would have paid the actor a cool sum of $68 million, which is actually no less than $9.7 million per minute.Making him one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood at that time.

Understanding the AMBER-DEP test!

Unfortunately, since the Amber-Depp episode, given the scandal caused by the lawsuit between the two actors, the actor has been offered few projects. If the latter still appears in the film today jean du barryFor now, everything seems to be on standby.

However, if you are a fan of the actor or Amber Heard, know this You can discover the series repeating the entire case through the Netflix platform, grave title Johnny Depp vs Amber HeardIt consists of 3 episodes of approximately 50 minutes each that deal with the most important elements and/or moments of the trial.

If some found the documentary to be unbiased, some viewers did not hesitate to point out Munch’s bias, believing that Munch painted a too candid portrait of Johnny Depp, thus giving Amber Heard Pushed down.

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