Viral: TikToker shows a way to take advantage of the dollar currency in the US (video)

A unique way to take advantage of coins Photo: Exclusive

A man living in the United States discovered a unique way to take advantage of low value coins without paying any extra cost for using them. Here we tell you the details of this unusual TikTok video.

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Via TikTok, Armando Farril, a TikToker with more than 10 thousand followers, shared a trick to take advantage of stored coins to pay for super, which are sometimes not in use or inconvenient to carry. . In the video you can see user Jafaril inserting a good amount of coins into the self-payment machine.

With the enthusiasm that characterizes him on social networks, he put all the money he had to pay for his groceries into a plastic bag and let the machine do the difficult work of counting the coins. In total, it was about 50 US dollars that the man had collected and with which he was able to buy some of the things he had selected in the supermarket.


Squeezing every penny out of gringo garbage? #cents #walmart #trash #centavos

, Original Sound – Armando Farril?

As expected, it didn’t take long for reactions from his followers to come in and opinions on the matter started pouring in with comments like: “Money is money, I pay like this at many places too and they stare at me , but it’s okay.” For me, money is money”.

On the other hand, for others it was a very intelligent way to avoid paying commission: “It’s okay because banks pay you commission”; “I know it takes time but doing it this way is much better than machines that take money from you.”

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