Vort-X 250 motorcycle is on discount on Electra

There is a discount on Electra's Vort-X 250 motorcycle. Photo: Special

electra Continuing its “We Fire the Goods” campaign, that’s why it has the Italca Vortex-X 250 sports motorcycle on sale.

This motorcycle is sought after by many consumers so check out if there is a discount on it at the Ricardo Salinas store.

The marketing that Electra manages motorcycle vort-x 250 Its aim is to give a discount on it so that its consumers can get it quickly.

Below, we will give you all the information about the Vort-X 250 motorcycle in Electra.

Electra Sale on Italica Vortex-X 250 Motorcycle

The discounts available on Electra Italica Vortex-X 250 sports motorcycle are as follows:

  • Italica Vorte-X 250 sports motorcycle, red and black with 62,499 to 59,999 pesos or weekly payment of 795 with Electra credit.

If you want to buy this item then click here.

Electra Motorcycle Details

The VortX 250 sports motorcycle is powered by a 4-stroke engine with a maximum power of 20 Hp@8500 RPM, displacement of 250 CC and maximum torque of 20.4 Nm@8500 RPM.

Its starting system is electric, very easy to use, has a standard transmission, and single disc front and rear brakes. Its front suspension is telescopic fork and rear is mono shock swingarm, which gives you better grip, control and comfort while driving.

This sensational motorcycle reaches a top speed of 135 kilometers per hour, has a tank with a capacity of 15 liters and a fuel efficiency of 27 kilometers per litre, and supports a weight of up to 150 kg.

Without a doubt, this motorcycle is absolutely suitable for enjoying the roads and living great adventures. Get it now and find out what benefits it has for you. Use of helmet and safety equipment is advised.

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electra relevant data

Grupo Electra was founded in 1950 by Hugo Salinas Price and is currently owned by Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

The company is known for its retail stores that offer a wide variety of products including appliances, electronics, furniture, and other household items. Additionally, the company also provides financial services such as personal loans, credit cards and insurance.

Banco Azteca operates within Grupo Electra, a financial institution that provides banking services, savings products and loans to both retail customers and small and medium-sized businesses.

Grupo Electra has been recognized for its innovative approach to financial services, particularly in the financial inclusion of segments of the population that traditionally do not have access to banking services.

The company has expanded its operations to other Latin American countries.

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