12 hours for the largest cocaine bust in Ecuador’s history: 21 tons pulverized

The Naboa government has used a US-assisted destruction process that is less harmful to the environment than incineration.

government of Daniel Noboa has achieved the biggest victory in its campaign against drug trafficking with Destruction of 21.5 tons of cocaine, Seized during an operation in Canton Vinces, Close Guayaquil. The armed forces faced a surprise they did not expect: 733 packages of drugs “encalatedos” (hidden) in a warehouse, With an arsenal of weapons and ammunition.

which looked like a small farm Estero Lagarto, Including pigs, turned out to be a surprise storage point, the dismantling of which “demonstrates the strong weakness of the operational, logistical and financial capacity of drug trafficking around the world,” the armed forces confirmed. The value of the seized drugs was one billion dollars.

Everything indicates that the drugs would be transported from the secret warehouse to the ports of Guayaquil, where they would be brought aboard ships leaving from there. usa one of two Europe. The discovery of the cache also takes place with the presence of a delegation of officials. Washington In the country, which has pledged to reinforce the cooperation already implemented, in addition to delivering outboard motors, trucks and other materials worth $2.5 million.

He Ministry of Internal Affairs Told the country that cocaine was destroyed at a rate of less than two tons per hour on Thursday through encapsulation technology, through which Cocaine hydrochloride is pulverized Mixing it with cement, sand, glass and chemicals. This technology has been implemented in the Andean country since 2022 with the help of the US and is fast and less harmful to the environment More than cremation.

Since the government ordered “Internal Armed Conflict” on the 9th of this month and declared 22 local organized crime gangs as terrorists, security block, Combined with the army and police, 44,000 operations have seized approximately 36 tonnes of cocaine in addition to 1,267 weapons and 5,243 explosives. In total, there are 3,611 detainees, including 237 suspected terrorists.

So far, the country mostly supports the government’s firmness and military deployment. According to the survey conducted by communicate, The approval rating of President Daniel Noboa, who is on an official visit to Spain, is 80%. Negative rating is 10%.

The strike against drug traffickers is so large that this cache of coca represents more than double the amount of coca seized in the largest shipment ever found in Spain, during Operation Nano last year on a ship in the port of Algeciras A stock of 9.5 tonnes of coca seized. This drug of Colombian origin came from Ecuador several times Banana containers.

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