Walt Disney will buy an important tourism company!

  • Walt Disney World receives more than 17 million visitors

  • Extension increases brand revenue and customer loyalty

  • Local communities benefit from opening new branches

The giant entertainment corporation, Walt Disney, announced its next tourism acquisition. This is Vail Resorts Inc., a major operator of resorts located in the snowy mountains of various countries. This acquisition represents the company’s expansion into the leisure entertainment sector.

According to Statista data, Walt Disney is among the top 20 companies with the highest market value with more than $48 billion by 2023. Similarly, in 2022, the corporation is expected to receive revenues of approximately $80 billion, resulting in one of the most productive times for the company.

As for off-screen fun, Disney-owned resorts topped the list of most visited amusement parks in the world from 2019 to 2022, in a year where it welcomed nearly 17 million people to its parks alone. The main one, Walt Disney World, is located in the United States.

Likewise, the company’s theme park presence has been extremely successful in various countries around the world, so its attractions can be found in countries such as France and Japan.

expansion is a good sign

According to data from Statista, geographic expansion of brands represents the first commitment by companies to invest in the popularity of their product in a different region. Likewise, it is a win for the company in terms of customer loyalty, which is why it is willing to bet on the new market.

One of the main benefits of geographic expansion is access to new customers, as a company’s location opens up possibilities to join new markets with different demands and incomes.

Diversification of products in relation to the demands of new locations allows greater income for companies that decide to expand. Similarly, through this strategy the brand expands its popularity in the market.

Finally, the profitability that expansion represents for a company not only benefits its income and reduces its costs, but also creates new employment opportunities and economic growth in the areas in which it is established.

new members of walt disney

Vail Resorts is Walt Disney’s newest acquisition, which before the recent merger was already popular as one of the best-rated resorts worldwide.

It is a company that operates 41 mountains for sky riding located in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and Switzerland. Similarly, the place also offers accommodation and restaurant services as well as other facilities as part of its catalogue.

Apart from entertainment and sports, the landscape of this place is one of its main attractions. This is thanks to its snow-clad mountains and wild scenery, which are perfect for an unforgettable holiday.

This is one of the larger investments that Walt Disney plans to make to expand its reach in the tourism, entertainment and food sectors.

Universal Studios is one of the giant entertainment corporations that has opted for the expansion of its complexes, as a few days ago it announced the opening of four new theme parks located in Orlando, Florida. The complex is expected to be twice the size of the main park located in Los Angeles, California.

The expansion of companies’ operations to invest in new markets is a reflection of the positive impact their products or services can have on the population.

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