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Can you imagine what our world would be like if humans shared the Earth with dinosaurs?
This question that has piqued the curiosity of scientists and paleontology fans for years may be one step closer to being answered.

Recent scientific advances have shown surprising findings About our ancestors and their possible coexistence with these majestic prehistoric creatures.

A recent scientific study An incredible phenomenon has been revealed about our ancestors and their relationship with dinosaurs. Through microscopic analysis of the fossil record of placental mammals, including human beingsResearchers have found the answer to a question that has sparked long debate in the scientific community.

Contrary to what was previously thought, there is evidence that suggests brief coexistence But even before that, between our actual ancestors and the impressive dinosaurs mass destruction who changed the direction of life land,

This study was published in the prestigious journal current biologyThe placenta provides a new perspective on the chronology of mammals and their relationship with The catastrophic event that marked the end of the age of dinosaurs,

Researchers used sophisticated statistical techniques to analyze thousands of fossils Reconstruct the evolutionary history of these mammals, Their findings challenge previous theories and invite us to reconsider how our ancestors shared the planet with Prehistoric creatures.

To this end, researchers collected large numbers of fossils of placental mammals and were able to observe patterns of origin and extinction of different groups, as explained Emily Carlisle, lead author of the study and member of the Earth Sciences Faculty at Bristol.

From this information, they were able to predict when Placental mammals.

Through the identification of various families of placental mammals including Primates (our lineage), lagomorphs (rabbits and rabbits) and carnivores (dogs and cats)Scientists have shown that these groups evolved just before the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

This coexistence is attributed Dinosaurs’ lack of competitionwhich allowed placental mammals to diversify and evolve in a world previously dominated by Giant reptile.

The model used by the researchers allowed them to estimate age of origin Based on the time when lineages first appeared in the fossil record, as well as patterns of species diversity over time. This was shared by Daniel Silvestro, co-author of the study and from the University of Freiburg.

However, researchers also noted that fossils of placental mammals from that period Fewer and smaller, making it difficult to determine what our ancestors were like at that time.

These new discoveries provide us with a Interesting insight into how our ancestors made their way into the environment where dinosaurs once lived.

Although there is still much unknown about what our ancestors were like at that time, these findings rewrite part of the history of life on Earth and bring us a little closer to understanding our evolutionary past.

We will continue to explore and uncover the secrets of our past in a fascinating journey of scientific investigation,

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