Wave of violence in Ecuador: Army spending night patrolling and searching for terrorists

Wave of violence in Ecuador: Army spending nights patrolling and searching for terrorists (Reuters)

nights inside Ecuador Now it has become an important moment for the police to do their patrolling go looking for terrorists Who have been disrupting the system in the country for many days. While approximately 20,000 members of criminal gangs are active in different cities, the armed forces are increasing their efforts and launching operations in accordance with Decree 111 ordered by Daniel Noboa within the framework of the state of emergency.

Thanks to this, dozens of criminals were arrested in the first days of the exercise and this count continues to increase.

GuayaquilLocated on the Pacific coast, is one of the cities known for its high murder rate and, therefore, became one of the main fronts of this “war” declared by Noboa. Heavily armed and masked soldiers, accompanied by two 4×4 police vehicles, set off in a convoy of three trucks shortly after 11 p.m., when the curfew began.

“In this area of ​​Pascuals we know that there are groups of organized criminals. is an area of ChonerosLieutenant Alexander Sansi commented, while others in the distance could be heard saying, that it was time to make it clear that the battle had begun.

Police know this is an area of ​​criminal gangs and are preparing for the worst (Reuters)

However, not everyone in this war is a terrorist; It is also important to demonstrate firmness with all sectors of the citizenry to guarantee public order. And coincidentally that is what happened.

Despite the obvious presence of bands there, the night passed with surprising silence. In an effort to avoid unnecessary confrontations, the criminals were conspicuous by their absence and strictly respected the government order.

As the convoy moved slowly through dark streets filled with stray dogs, the group spotted the first suspects from a distance. They stopped the march, got out of the vehicles and stopped two men wearing caps and shorts who were talking on the sidewalk.

They took them in front of the wall and searched them thoroughly to make sure they did not have weapons. “Aren’t you carrying a knife or some drugs?” The officers said as they searched his disheveled backpack. However, they found completely tangled electrical cords, old phone chargers and dirty clothes recovered from the garbage.

Authorities recorded a group of people talking on the sidewalk (Reuters)

“Come out, let’s go! “You don’t have to do anything there!” The officials said while releasing him.

The tour continued. Once again, soldiers observed, as they passed, homeless people sleeping on cardboard boxes, smoking and rummaging through garbage, but they did not stop and detect potential terrorists in preparation for a criminal act. Gave priority to.

Moments later, a suspicious group gathered on a public road dispersed upon noticing the presence of officers. It didn’t take long for them to take up arms and chase them through the streets., Having managed to arrest all of them, they proceeded with a more intensive search operation, as the suspicions were high.

The night passed without any arrests of criminals but several civilians were arrested for breaking the curfew (Reuters)

“Why did you run away?” they asked a man in his early 30s as they searched him and lifted his shirt to see his tattoos. In the designs, there was no wolf face, tiger claws or any other symbols that Ecuadorian gang members typically have. In contrast, the young man wore a simple “marta” at the base of his neck.

While muttering, the man tried to give vague explanations that did not help him avoid being handcuffed. However, at about 3 a.m., at the end of the patrol, the officers assumed he had learned his lesson and left him barefoot on the side of the road.

“Today we carried out various security operations with fixed points and mobile patrols in this sector of Pasquales. Twenty-five vehicles were seized and around thirty people were arrested. Tonight was mainly about arresting curfew violators. No member of the gang was arrested.“, Captain Carlos Genfe of the Fifth Infantry Brigade reported the balance of the night.

However, no one knows what will happen the next day.

(With information from AFP)

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