Weight goes away! Dollar price in Mexican banks today, January 23, 2024

He mexican peso devalued at Business closed on TuesdayWhile the stock market rose as the market awaited the release of key economic data in the United States, with Dollar price today 23 January 2024 Each closes at 17.30 units for the greenback; Know what is here Exchange rates in Mexican banks,

Investors focus on disclosures at local level Inflation data for the first half of January on WednesdayWhich will also be important to define the direction of the monetary policy of the Banco de Mexico.

closed on mexican currency 17.3000 units, down 0.73%One of the hardest hit global currencies day against the dollarIn a market that is also wary of the Republican presidential primaries N.H. In the United States, where surveys show Donald Trump getting a wide lead.

“It is very likely that Trump will win the Republican Party primary in New Hampshire. With this, it is very likely that Donald Trump will again be the Republican nominee for president,” the Banco Base firm said in an analysis note. “

Dollar price in Mexican banks today, January 23, 2024

value of Dollar Today January 23, 2024 in Mexican Banks* Closes on:

  • BBVA Mexico – 16.46 pesos for buying and 17.59 pesos for selling
  • citybanamex – 16.79 pesos for buying and 17.74 pesos for selling
  • banorte – 16.20 pesos for buying and 17.60 pesos for selling
  • confirm bankE – 16.30 pesos for buying and 17.80 pesos for selling
  • scotiabank – 15.00 pesos for buying and 18.00 pesos for selling
  • inbursa – 16.80 pesos for buying and 17.80 pesos for selling

*Exchange rate at 4:35 pm.

With information from Reuters


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