Well-being of older people a priority for Santalucia

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The insurer has renewed its alliance with SECOT, Grandes Amigos and Fundación Pascual Maragall, among other entities. In this way, the company confirms its commitment to the quality of life of older people.

Well-being of older people a priority for Santalucia

The well-being of older people is an important aspect that deeply affects their quality of life and happiness at this stage of their existence. Achieving and maintaining a state of physical, emotional and social well-being is essential to ensure healthy and satisfactory aging. This well-being not only translates into better physical health, but is also closely linked to mental and emotional health, which can have a significant impact on the way older adults experience their daily lives and relate to their loved ones.

Aware of this reality, SANTALUCIA has renewed its alliance with SECOT, Grandes Amigos and the Pascual Maragall Foundation, in a firm commitment to ensure the care and well-being of older people. Thus, the leading family protection insurer positions itself as an active ally of leading social institutions to guarantee a high quality of life for the senior population.

In this collaboration, for the fourth consecutive year with SECOT, a leading association in senior volunteerism, SANTALUCÍA will continue to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and intergenerational relationships. In addition, it will continue to collaborate with the NGO Grandes Amigos, dedicated to assisting senior citizens suffering from unwanted loneliness, and with the Pascal Maragall Foundation, which promotes research to prevent Alzheimer’s and support those affected. Provides solutions to improve the quality of life. , their families and their caregivers.

These collaborations underline the insurer’s commitment to reaffirming its business for the care and protection of society, in addition to meeting the needs of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, responding to the challenge of longevity. This is all linked to its support for the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 3, Health and Well-Being, SDG 10, Reducing Inequalities and SDG 17, Partnerships to Achieve the Goals.

Emma Marin, the insurer’s corporate director of communications and CSR, expressed: “At SANTALUCIA we remain committed year after year to the needs of older people. “This is an important group today and in the future, and these alliances ensure their full integration and active participation in society and in the care they need.”

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