Wellness Trends 2024 According to an Expert

The second trick is to plan. Sometimes we want to run marathons, become Iron Man, quit smoking and never go out again. But your job may require socialization, so this becomes a very unrealistic plan. So, making a realistic plan, where you set a goal to wake up early, exercise and meditate for 20 minutes three times a week, can be your first step. Thinking big, but acting small, that’s how I define it.

It is much easier to focus on what you are doing in the moment and what is under your control, rather than what seems far away (for example, ‘Now I will be happy when I get to run a marathon). or feel better).

suddenly when we have Goals and objectives to accomplish, We are too hard on ourselves and we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy the road. I think this is where the first problem starts. When it’s not sustainable, when you don’t enjoy it, when the process is a burden and at times the goal isn’t worth it. On the other hand, if you learn in a way that makes sense to your brain, you will enjoy the journey.

How to maintain healthy habits in 2024

The creator of Fitlosophia’s best secret to achieving your wellness goals is simplification and consistent planning.


Third: Make it sustainable. Those who take extreme actions are least likely to achieve the ultimate goal. Because, many times, neither the body, nor the mind, nor life can maintain that rhythm. And, to do that, you have to be steadfast, but also flexible. I think then we have this idea that sustainability is that ‘I’ve already signed that I’ll be healthy and I’ll never drink again’, but those who are flexible move forward with their goals.

I see fit, healthy people, whom I have managed to support in this process, sometimes they even forget what their main objective was. In other words, they’ve already arrived and they have ‘the squares’ and they’re the person who uses the gym at the hotel when they travel, but they don’t remember the main reason they do it. Don’t go to extremes.

The main fitness and wellness trends that will become fashionable in 2024 are…

I think about external experiences. Although time has passed, we are all still in the post-pandemic awakening and have learned to go out more. So, I think we’ll continue to see that.

I noticed that the first retreat we did, we didn’t have that many people go, and now it’s becoming more common. For this reason, I believe this will be the biggest trend and we will see it in a variety of scenarios.

In terms of nutrition, what are the best nutrition tips that have changed your life?

Getting back to basics, I think there is a lot of controversy and different protocols as we use this term. Diet, but that means food. If you stop or do not eat meat then it is better than not eating carbohydrates etc. What I mean by going back to basics is that I know it’s difficult for everything to be natural, but I try to get 80% of my food from a source that is as natural as possible (without always thinking about Whether the corn is genetically modified) is unique or not, just wondering if I can read it on the packaging and it’s not good for me, I shouldn’t eat it).

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