Went unnoticed, yet it’s one of Eva Green’s best films

Eva Green delivers a touching performance between strength and sensitivity in Alice Winocour’s film “Proxima”, released in 2019, which, unfortunately, was not a success when released in theaters.

Proxima: Eva Green is conquering the stars

Released in 2019, Proxima Alice Winocour describes the preparations of French astronaut Sarah Lorou (played by Eva Green) as she is selected to go on a year-long space mission to the ISS. This mission, which represents her life’s dream, and for which she has worked hard, also symbolizes her future separation from Stella, her only seven-year-old daughter, whom she is raising alone, whom she has been with for some time. Will not be able to see for. Year. very mixedTheir lives are about to be turned upside down as Sarah begins her intensive training and feels guilty about not being able to devote more time to Stella.

Alice Winocour’s feature film highlights the location, but without showing it. On the contrary, he attempts to document everything that connects Sarah to Earth, as she prepares to leave it. In form of first man By Damien Chazelle, released a year ago, humans are at the center of this story about conquering the stars.

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The general public has an image of Eva Green as one who often played femme fatale, costumed, feisty or heavily made-up characters (notably with Tim Burton, with whom she collaborated three times). And this isn’t just her recent role as Milady in Diptych the three Musketeers Due to which the situation will change. In ProximaAlice Winocour decided to separate it from all these artifacts, to film it in a way that we have rarely seen it on screen (with exceptions). perfect sense Released in 2012). Although his performance remained moderateBetween strength and sensitivity, she earned her first nomination for a César for Best Actress in 2020.

Still very successful, Proxima Unfortunately, after seven weeks of running, it was not a success in theaters with less than 100,000 cumulative admissions.

If you’ve never seen him, his arrival on Arte is a good reason to meet him. The film is available for free rebroadcast.

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