Western Union clarifies information about sending remittances to Cuba

Remittances to Cuba via Western Union (WU) are currently disrupted following irregularities in the management of Cuban banking institutions.

Western Union agents have confirmed this cuba directory At present, there is no estimated date for the resumption of money transfers to Cuba. Information that contradicts information released by company agents a few weeks ago. At that time, there was talk of April 1 as the possible date for restarting the interrupted services.

As we recall, the end of remittance shipments to Cuba by Western Union occurred on January 26. The suspension was due to technical irregularities on the part of the island’s banking institutions.

As company officials explained at the time: “We experienced difficulties with our partners in Cuba. “This is not about any particular bank, but about everyone in general.”

A Western Union employee speaking to Martí Noticias at the time said that some transactions were delayed, while others were “automatically rejected by the system.”

However, he assured that all affected customers will be refunded in full. “Customers received full refunds including shipping charges. “We do not have any pending case of late reimbursement or non-returned money,” he said.

Transfers to Cuba resume

Although the source itself mentioned April 1 as a possible restart date for remittance transfers to the island, Western Union agents informed today cuba directory There is no date set for this:

,The current alert indicates that there is no established date for resumption of shipments to Cuba. When Western Union decides to resume shipments to Cuba, an official announcement will be made through our service and information channels.”Western Union agents said.

When asked about his previous statements regarding a possible resumption of money transfers to Cuba from April 1, he emphasized that this assumption does not yet exist:

“We are not aware of that news. However, I can assure you that shipments to Cuba have not yet been resumed and there is no established date at the moment. We invite customers to keep an eye out for when Western Union sends statements through our official website,” the source concluded.

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