Whales buy trillions of tokens in fall

important point:

  • Large Shiba Inu investors took advantage of the market decline to acquire billions of tokens.
  • Furthermore, it was revealed that the net inflows of this class of holders had increased by 602%.
  • SHIB suffered weekly losses of over 17%, currently trading at 0.000028 USD.

shiba inu whale Picked up this week and it is no coincidence, because during that period Memecoin accumulated a strong Loss,

These types of investors typically buy in two contexts: when fundamentals are extremely positive or due to a significant correction in the asset.

According to IntoTheBlock, there is a surprise 602% increase Net inflows from these large holders came at the same time as the SHIB price dropped.

In the last hour alone, Shiba Inu recorded decline of more than 3% to quote at this time 0.000028 US dollars, Furthermore, it experiences a weekly loss of 17.3%.

Why did Shiba Inu drown?

It’s not just SHIB that has retreated last week. Inflation in the United States was stronger than expected, which will cause the Fed to delay cutting interest rates.

This is why Memecoin went from 0.000032 to around 0.00028 USD at which it is currently trading. This should be taken into account The asset has been in free fall Since March 5, when it crossed $0.000045.

Analysts believe that the important range that SHIB should maintain is between 0.00026 and 0.000033 USD, as there are more than 4,200 whales at these prices. Together they acquired approximately 61 billion tokens,

In parallel, it was known that 9,100 addresses bought another 2.57 billion coins at an average price of 0.000025 USD.

On the other hand, there is a Large number of profitable wallets foundBecause 260.4 billion tokens were purchased at an average price of $0.000010.

It is believed that at these prices, whales continue to acquire coins in hopes of even higher returns. It should be remembered that memecoin has climbed more than 170% in 2024,

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