“France is already involved in the war and is prepared to become even more involved in the war”

The Kremlin has responded this Thursday to the televised speech of French President Emmanuel Macron in which he once again mentioned the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, an idea he had already mentioned last week, causing great controversy among the allies. is being produced and is not being supported by any country. , which includes America

Putin’s government has assured this France “already involved” in war and such statements indicate that Paris is “prepared for deeper involvement” in the conflict.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has taken note of Macron’s frequent statements, and considers it “obvious” that Macron views Russia as a “rival” to this extent.France has already been dragged into the war In Ukraine,” according to the TASS news agency. “In fact, he is indirectly participating in this war and, judging by President Macron’s statements, he is not against increasing his participation,” Peskov said in statements to the media, the EP reported.

Macron on Thursday called Russia “a rival that will not stop even after defeating Kiev’s troops in the two-year conflict in Ukraine”, and urged Europeans not to be “weak” and be prepared to respond. .

“We will never be the aggressor, we will never take the initiative” to fight Russia, but There is no need to “rule out options”the 46-year-old President said. If President Vladimir Putin’s Russia “wins the war,” he said, “we will no longer have security in Europe” and the continent’s “credibility” will be reduced to zero.

Therefore, in the face of Moscow’s “rise”, we Westerners must “say that we are ready to respond», said the President. “If the situation worsens, we must be prepared and we will be ready to take the necessary decisions so that Russia never wins in Ukraine,” he said.

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