What is the new movie with Sidney Sweeney worth?

The up-and-coming actress produces and stars in this haunting feature film set against the backdrop of religion and symbolism.

The plot begins with an isolated convent, a twilight atmosphere and a young nun eager to take her vowsNirmalA new horror offering with Sidney Sweeney, who is trying his hand at the genre for the first time in addition to producing the film. An ambitious proposal, which plays with accepted codes while maintaining a certain originality.

The result, while admittedly difficult, is just a little too much and, in its final part, falls into an explanatory overload that is at times ridiculous. Despite everything, her actress’s performance – she carries the film – and the many well-executed moments allow Nirmal Getting the material needed to convince fans of the genre.


Sidney Sweeney is on the rise after the success of the series ExcitementDrama reality (2023) and romantic comedy everything except you (2024), thus leading this new project as an actress as well as a producer, and manages to instantly draw the audience into her terrifying universe. Nirmal It is simple in its premise – an unexplained pregnancy in a convent – ​​and in its first half, offers a careful build-up of suffering and suspense.

Between the artistic direction, the rhythm and the decoration of the space, everything is designed to immerse the public in the strange or suspicious and create a sense of curiosity specific to the genre. Questions are raised, clues are asked and everything seems set to satisfy fans of the genre from beginning to end.

Masterful Sidney Sweeney

Unfortunately, as the end approaches, the film loses its premise and falls into a series of clichéd scenes and vague concepts. The viewer no longer believes it, and loses interest in the proposed action as the excessive justification of the most mysterious elements removes the initial attraction.


The film becomes contradictory: on the one hand, the first part had an impact and invites us to remain in this anxiety-provoking universe. But on the other hand, this twist is not convincing and there is an urgent need to end it as soon as possible.

Between themes based on religion, faith and symbolism, the actress remains adept from beginning to end, and benefits from a brilliant (or horrifying, depending) pictorial presentation, almost reminiscent of the most iconic scenes.Excitement,

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By playing at different tables, Nirmal Lost along the way and flawless from start to finish, Sydney manages to be saved at the last moment by Sweeney’s faultless flexibility. intense physical horror, both “satanic” thriller and allegorical drama Nirmal is visually rich – the overall artistic direction is particularly impressive – and there is no lack of interest in the themes covered.

As a horror film, the feature film does not reinvent the genre but makes a simple observation: Sidney Sweeney is not just a short-lived “fad.” The actress and producer manages to display her dramatic and strategic talents to the full extent in only a few films, and even madam web Is part of.

Trailer forNirmal,

NirmalBy Michael Mohan with Sidney Sweeney, Alvaro Morte and Simona Tabasco, 1:29, in cinemas from 20 March 2024.


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