What is the value of the dollar: Know the exchange rate today Thursday 22 February

dollar exchange rate Dollar resumes its rise; However it remains below S/3.80. What is your quote today?

according to him central reserve bankThe exchange rate opened the day at S/3.797, up 0.34% compared to Monday’s close. With this, the US currency is 2.43% stronger than the Peruvian Sol so far in 2024.

According to Bloomberg, the Peruvian sol remains in 10th place among a basket of 23 emerging market currencies.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said that the North American currency strengthened after the meetings of the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Committee, the minutes of which confirmed that interest rates in the United States have reached their limit and the next movement downwards. will be. Cinco Dias.

dollar price to buy and sell

Next, we tell you what the prices are buy and sell The dollar that is recorded in exchange houses and informal currency exchange markets:

According to the quéestaeldolar.pe platform, money changers They buy the dollar at S/3.78 and sell it at S/3.81 on average.

while in Digital Exchange HouseThe greenback has an estimated buy price of S/3.79 and is sold for around S/3.81.


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