What time is America vs Chivas and where to watch the ConcaChampions second leg

lace Eagles of America They want to complete and finish the work they started last week Chivas del GuadalajaraAfter the defeat that Azulcremas imposed on the Guadalajara team 3–0 in the first leg.

one in Classic Which was an indication of the level of both the teams, The Eagles will receive the Sacred Flock this Wednesday at Azteca Stadium To seal their ticket to the quarter finals Concacaf Champions Cup,

However, and despite the level of difference that exists between one team and another in the current statistics, Shivaj They have made a spectacular comeback against their most hated rival in all of history.

Without a doubt the one most remembered Semi-finals of the 1982–83 season of Mexican football, when America lost 1-2 in the first leg to chivas in guadalajarabut on the way back Chivas defeated America 0-3 at homeFor one of the most remembered matches in history National Mexican Football Classic,

What day will America vs Chivas play in the Concacaf Champions Cup?

The second leg of the CONCACAF Champions Cup will be played Wednesday 13 MarchThe United States will be looking to maintain the lead they gained in the first leg and Chivas will certainly leave everything for the comeback.

Where is America vs Chivas?

A new edition of the Mexican Soccer Classic will be held Aztec Stadiumwhich will certainly look as it did on its best days Mexico’s two most important football teams,

What time is America vs Chivas?

the game will start 9:30 PM Eastern Time in America, 6:30 pm pacific time,

Where to watch America vs Chivas?

The game can be viewed in the United States fox sports 2, foxsports.comas well as fox sports app,

Similarly, the game can be watched in streaming through the portal fubotv,

How many goals does Chivas need to overcome in the ConcaChampions?

The task ahead of Chivas to continue progressing in the Concacaf Champions League is a tall one. The first thing they have to do in today’s game is to tie the score For which they lost during the first phase.

This means they have to score 3 goals before scoring an extra goal to advance to the next round.

Without a doubt, the US has a better chance to advance to the next round, but there are still 90 minutes left to consolidate their victory.


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