What will the new MIR feature focused on genetics look like?

Although spain This is the only country European Union which still lacks specific health training (FSE) in human genetics, the Spanish Association of Human Genetics (AEGH) took an important step this Friday to accelerate events. Chaired the organization after meeting with the Health Ministry Encarna Guillen Received commitment that there will be a definite push to build specialization into four professional branches, which will mir, bir, fir And QIR,

The equitable implementation of the genetics degree in Spain is, for Guillén, “a great progress that cannot be complemented if there is no prior recognition of all the professionals who will have to carry out the tests and apply them from the patient’s point of view.”

When it comes to meeting current needs national health systemGuillén defended in medical writing that “the expertise of genetics should become a reality in the shortest possible time and be integrated within the FSE, considering multidisciplinary approach and the MIR, BIR, FIR, and QIR pathways.” For the president of AEGH, it is important that genetics exists “from the point of view of laboratories and medical care.”

“From the point of view of laboratories and medical care genetics must exist

I have met Guillen javier padillaThe Secretary of State for Health and the expert highlighted that “on behalf of the Ministry, he informed us commitment A definite effort will be made to approve the expertise in Spain as soon as possible. To achieve this, Guillen explains that “the working group formed will get the work done as a priority; Much progress can be made in a few months. There is a consensus and definite output of models and expertise that needs to be refined.

Central and regional communication to update information

Although No schedule has been established As for the next steps to be taken by Health, the experts make it clear that “we will never stop working actively with the Health portfolio, together with the various Health Ministries represented within the Working Group.” To update all information, the President of AEGH defends “A” Communication at central and regional level,

“Since the 70s, genetics expertise has been present around the world”

Guillen looks back and says that “since the ’70s, Genetics expertise exists throughout the world, Spain is the last in line, so it has all the experience collected in all countries that will help to make quick decisions, with the idea of ​​​​integrating all this knowledge into the health training system as soon as possible.

Although it may include statements, data, or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We advise the reader to consult a health care professional with any health related questions.

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