What’s your opinion on the Amazon series with Nicole Kidman?

after the farewellLulu Wang directs Nicole Kidman immigrantsAn Amazon mini-series centering on the 2014 protests in Hong Kong is getting rave reviews and first reviews.

After a tumultuous big screen career, Nicole Kidman It seems to be thriving on the small screen For half a decade. He made the format his own by participating in productions and playing leading roles big little lies in 2018 For which she received the Golden Globes for Best Actress for The Roaring Feminist Series thunder Via Apple TV+ in 2022 nine complete strangers, Lake Top: China Girl Or to undo,

In 2024, the actress-producer is back with an ambitious series for Amazon directed by Lulu Wang, one of the new figures of American independent cinema. During the Umbrella Revolution and immersed among the complex diversity of Hong Kong residents, immigrants Describes changes in the daily lives of three American women and is the first opinion,

Migrants sent back home?

“Lulu Wang creates a wonderful portrayal of the bonds that bind individuals to their families, families to their communities, and communities to society as a whole.” indiewire

“Expats is a deeply nuanced and dark story about the things women sweep under the rug and what happens when they get too tired to hide them.” Diversity

“What elevates the series beyond the potentially tear-jerking plot is the subtle sense of connection that Lulu Wang creates not only between the central characters separated from their home countries, but also between immigrants and “odd, filled and politically uncertain urban islands. “They have chosen to reside.” Time

Overseas: Photo, Nicole Kidmanirresistible nicole kidman

,The flaws outweigh the sojourner’s strengths, giving us a worthy but imperfect new phase in Lulu Wang’s career.” paste magazine

“Lulu Wang’s six-part series may be hell for those with short attention spans, but be eager to admire the irresistible Nicole Kidman – a brilliant performer plays a Hong Kong man with servants they barely see – who turns everyone’s lives upside down when their youngest son goes missing.” ABC News

“This is not a missing child mystery, and like life, the show doesn’t provide the audience with clear solutions or easy conclusions. Strange, maybe that’s the point. More consistent among expats, who ultimately join many different “It feels like home, like different stories.” Entertainment Weekly

Overseas: Photo, Brian Tee, Nicole KidmanOverseas: Photo, Brian Tee, Nicole KidmanHong Kong’s plight?

“Sure, the show is great and has some great performances, especially by Ji-young Yoo and Saryu Rao, but we’ve seen it all before. Sometimes with Kidman, sometimes without Kidman. But before “Very often.” Guardian

“Audiences may be tempted to blame the script for its wretchedness, and there’s reason to do so. The actors are an unpleasant bunch, who clearly need to be given equal emotional weight to everything from Chinese oppression by Lulu Wang to Ordered. Cracks in the ceiling (a metaphor, one might assume, for the decline of Hong Kong’s independence). When everything is treated as a tragedy, everything becomes meaningless, that of the migrants. Not a bad description.” wall street journal

“Expats is a show that should be much better than it is given the pedigree of its cast and Lulu Wang. But its storytelling style is jarring and its characters are the kind that would make you feel like ‘the last few years of television But much has been seen.” set

Overseas: PhotoOverseas: PhotoNicole Kidman is still in a glamorous evening

With a starting average of 73/100, immigrants This appears to be a (small) disappointment for the English-speaking press, who were expecting the first collaboration between Lulu Wang and Nicole Kidman to be better. However, This new series will be one of the best co-produced by the actress, Definitely, little big lies Comes in with a solid average of 78/100 but to undo (62/100), nine complete strangers (54/100) or even thunder (56/100) is quite low. in comparison, immigrants Seems to be a successful bet on Amazon Prime. The series is broadcast from January 26, 2024.

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