WhatsApp adds new text formats to improve communication in chats

WhatsApp has implemented new text formats like numbered lists or block quotes to give users different ways to write and organize their messages in conversations.

The instant messaging application has been updated to give users more options to improve their writing and organize their messages in chat.

In this sense, WhatsApp has added new text formats to chats, including the ability to automatically generate lists or different options to highlight text in messages.

Some text formats already existed in the social network, such as the ability to write in bold or italics to highlight certain parts of a message, as well as the ability to cross out a word or write in monospace format.

Now, as the Meta-owned platform detailed in a statement, bulleted lists are added to these options for messages that list issues such as the main points of a longer message or the ingredients of a recipe. These types of lists will be created by typing a short dash followed by a space (-).

The option for numbered lists has also been added, so users can write a message with the list in a specific order, such as instructions. To automatically create a numbered list, all you need to do is type one or two digits followed by a period and a space (1.2.).

Another format added is block quotes, an option with which users can highlight the body text of a message to make it more visible. Specifically, this option is activated when you type the greater than sign followed by a space (>).

Finally, WhatsApp has also implemented the aligned code format, which helps separate specific information within a sentence. To use it, you must use the grave accent (`) within the text.

The platform notes that these options are useful when it comes to improving communication “especially in group chats”, as they provide order on occasions when conversations and messages from different people may get mixed up.

The new text formatting options are now available to all WhatsApp users on Android, iOS, Web and Mac. These have also been implemented for the platform’s channels.

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