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WhatsApp It remains one of the most used applications daily on Android and iPhone devices. In its latest version, you can use the option to add stickers to any image without downloading other applications, Send voice memo only once And Change the color of notifications or messages,

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Although these modifications are made gradually, there are several requirements that you must meet if you use WhatsApp Definitely. Apart from following all the terms and conditions, your device must have certain details so that you can chat without any problem.

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If you don’t know everything, here we tell you what all the requirements of a Meta app are and what you should do if you have missed even one.

Requirements to use WhatsApp today

  • In case of Android devices, you must have Android version 5.0 or higher. Otherwise, you will receive a notification on WhatsApp and will be reminded several times to update your smartphone.
  • To be able to update an Android device you just have to go to Settings, then click on “System and updates”.
  • Inside there, click on “Software Update” and that’s it. Your terminal will start searching if there is a new operating system.
  • If you do not find it, you will have to change your cell phone to continue using WhatsApp, otherwise it will not be compatible in a short time.
  • In case of iPhone devices, the WhatsApp page informs that you must have iOS 12 and later.
  • If your Apple cell phone is left on iOS 11, your account may have been locked at some point due to lack of updates.
  • To download the latest version of iOS you need to go to Settings, General and press “Software Update”.
  • When you do this, your terminal will start searching if there is a new operating system. Like Android, if you don’t find one, you just have to change the device.

Why will your WhatsApp account be suspended on January 31?

  • You should never spam or send messages to all your friends at the same time. This may compromise your account and WhatsApp may shut it down or ban you temporarily. be very careful.
  • In a situation where you send mass messages and a large number of people block you, you will be sanctioned for a reasonable period of time, it is also possible that you may be sanctioned for carrying out activity not covered by WhatsApp rules. Will be banned for. ,
  • Sending adult content on WhatsApp is also strictly prohibited. This means that if you send this type of file in the app, it could cost you your conversations.

How to use WhatsApp on non-compatible cell phones in this 2024

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is to know if your mobile device will be without WhatsApp in 2024.
  • Remember that those who have Android version 5.0 or lower will be penalized.
  • Whereas in the case of iPhones, those with iOS 12 or lower will also have restricted usage.
  • Once you have checked which operating system you have on your smartphone, it is time to download WhatsApp.
  • To do this just follow this Add From the official app.
  • Click where it says “Install Package” and you will be able to get the APK.
  • Now just install it and go. Remember to press the “Update” button.
  • This way your device will be able to recognize your terminal and you will start chatting with everyone.

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