Where is the most dangerous road in the world and why is it called the “Highway to Hell”?


Just 106 kilometers is enough to feel fear, excitement and the feeling that death can happen at any part. And according to international reports, this route, considered the most dangerous in the world, takes the lives of 300 people every year.

By: The Nation

Its official name is D915 and it was created by Russian soldiers in 1916. It is located at an altitude of more than 1800 meters on Soganli Mountain in Turkey and connects Bayburt with the coastal town of Off. The views presented by the route excite tourists and fans and it is a very useful access for locals, but there is no margin for error for drivers.

The turns are very tight and considering the altitude at which it is situated, a bad move can lead to a fatal accident. Although some sections have asphalt, others have gravel and none have any protection. That is, there is an abyss beyond the path; Drop of more than 1000 meters without stopping.

In English, those who have been able to see it have baptized it with the same name that the band AC/DC baptized one of their songs: Highway to Hell. And perhaps there is some truth in the play on words, even in some parts it is impossible for more than one car to pass due to the small space between the mountain and the void.

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