Which is the healthy habit that reduces the mortality rate by 34%

Study Always does good. and now Science He can verify it. A historical study highlights Important role of education in increasing life expectancyassume that every additional year of schooling Reduces risk of mortality by 2%,

Thus, he said so Education improves health and longevity In people of all ages, genders, geographical locations and socio-demographic backgrounds, according to the latest and largest study of its kind, published recently in The Lancet Public Health.

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researchers knew this People who receive high levels of schooling live longer than othersBut until now they did not know to what extent.

This is what they found The risk of death decreases by two percent with each additional year of education., This means that people who completed 6 years of primary school they had low risk of death Average Of 13 percent.

After graduating from high school, risk of dying goes down about 25 percentand 18 years of education reduced the risk 34 percent,

To extend the study, the researchers also compared the effects of education with other risk factors, such as wearing healthy diet, smoking and drinking too much alcoholand found that health outcomes were similar.

For example, the benefits of 18 years of education can be compared to Eat the ideal amount of vegetables, Instead of not eating any vegetables. Not going to school is just as bad for you drinking five or more alcoholic beverages a day Or smoke ten cigarettes a day for 10 years.

“Education in itself is important, not only for its own health benefits, but also to now be able Quantifying this benefit is an important advanceCenter for Global Studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). said Dr. Terje Andreas Eekmo, co-author and director of Health Inequalities Research (CHAIN).

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The study identified data from 59 countries and included more than 10,000 data points collected from more than 600 published articles. Most of the studies reviewed for this study come from high income environmentThe need for more research in low- and middle-income countries was highlighted.

Although the benefits of education are greater for young people, they are also significant for people over 50 and even 70. They benefit from the protective effects of education.

One thing worth highlighting is the educational fields where one can gain knowledge. researcher They found no significant differences in the effects of education between countries that had reached different stages of development. This means that more years of education is just as effective in rich countries as it is in poor countries.

“We need to increase social investment Enabling access to better and more education around the world to prevent persistent inequalities that take a toll on lives” said Mirza Balazs, co-lead author and postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Sociology and Political Science at NTNU.

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And I add: “More education leads to better jobs and higher incomes, better access to health care and helps us take care of our health, “Highly educated people also develop a broader set of social and psychological resources that contribute to their health and the length of their lives.”

,Closing the education gap means closing the mortality gap.And we need to break the cycle of poverty and avoidable deaths with the help of international commitment. To reduce disparities in mortality, it is important to invest in areas that promote opportunities for people to obtain education. “This could have a positive impact on population health in all countries,” said Dr. Claire Henson, co-lead author and researcher at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

“Our focus now must be on areas of the world where we know access to education is low and where there is also limited research on Education as a determinant of health” said Dr. Emmanuella Gakidou, co-author and professor at IHME.

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