Chivas vs FC Juarez (2-1) Match Summary. Target

There’s no one to stop La Gagoneta Completion in 2024 and Chivas recorded its third consecutive win in mx league Defeated FC Juarez 2-1 In the duel corresponding to matchday 6, and with this the Guadalajara team is now in fourth place in the general table.

Connecting better to the planning and style of Fernando Rubén Gago, Sacred Flock once again showed signs of strength and achieved an important victory in their aspirations, as the dual competition has already begun and we should add.

For this reason, red and white are already 4 consecutive wins between Liga MX and ConcaChampionsThat’s why the “Pintita” Gago project continues to grow from strength to strength.

At home and in front of their own people, Chivas did not disappoint and reached 11 points with another win thanks to a solid front from the defenders. Antonio Briseno And another goal from Victor Guzman.

The match was close and Chivas always had the clearest shot, the first call came when in the 24th minute, Roberto Alvarado took the ball, carried it and fired a shot towards Sebastián Jurado’s goal as he entered the area.

These were the goals of the Chivas vs. juarez

The goal that led to the victory came in the 33rd minute, when “Polo” took the mark from Francisco Calvo and got inside the area. Ended up with popcorn in a corner kick Made the score 1-0 in favor of Chivas.

Before the break, Dieter Villalpando attempted a shot for FC Juárez that went wide of Raúl Rangel’s goal in the 45th minute.

Already in the second half, Víctor Guzmán believed and in the 53rd minute fired a shot from distance that Jurado deflected to avoid the red and white’s second.

“Piozzo” came close to the second on 55′ when he received the ball from Pavel Pérez and deflected it, however, They did not get admission because of the good work of the juryWho, at 64′, snatched another opportunity from Chivas, now from Cade Cowell.

It was on the 75th minute when Chivas scored 2–0. Guadalajara’s captain, Víctor Alfonso Guzmán, was alert to save the ball released by Jurado when he saved Cowell’s shot and Pocho did not fail to extend the lead.

Gago became yet another Chivas player with the opportunity to make his debut after Leonardo Sepúlveda added his first minutes in Liga MX; He is one of the elements coming from Tapateo and the California-born man has good projection, but he could not last long on the field as he was sent off through VAR.

The party was completely ruined by a good performance from Chivas, and there was not even a goal angel zaldivarWhich made it 2–1, changed the attitude of the public, who showed their support all the time and never stopped supporting Gago’s team and scolding the visitors, no matter how hard they tried. He didn’t know how to cause more damage to Guadalajara Who is enjoying his best moment in the Clausura 2024.

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