White Sox in talks for new stadium

team of chicago white sox According to the reports known so far, plans are being made to build a new and more modern stadium soon.

white sox It hasn’t had the best years lately. Except in 2021, when he participated in mlb postseasonbut they lost Houston Astros In the divisional series. Since then, since 2022, he has a record of 182 losses and 142 wins. This significantly reduced attendance per game at a stadium with a capacity of 40,615 fans.

It is mentioned in information disseminated through social networks chicago white sox There have been “serious conversations” about building a new stadium, when the lease expires after the 2029 season.

Where will the Chicago White Sox team go?

white sox Negotiations are ongoing with developer Related Midwest. There is an undeveloped area called “78”A plot of land located in the South Loop of Illinois, the most strategic and ideal where the new park is intended to be built. mlb,

Veteran stadium consultant Mark Gainis had this to say. “A typical baseball stadium with a capacity of 35,000 to 38,000 people would require approximately 12 to 14 acres of land.”, He also said that a parking space with a capacity of seven thousand cars would be ideal.

In the midst of their conversation, Ganis called 78 As “The most suitable place”And you wouldn’t be surprised if chicago white sox Considering the place.

“Yes socks They’re living in the exact same city, it’s a great place. It is an obvious site with public transport and road facilities all around. “It’s one of the few places in the city of Chicago that can have a well-located stadium.”Mark Ganis sheds light in his interview.

These are the most relevant details available so far, according to reports from journalists.

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