Interview with the stylist and singer dubbed by Rihanna

30-year-old Spaniard Maria Abellan, aka Sita Abellan, is known for her talents as a DJ, model, jewelry designer, and above all, a stylist (who has dressed Kim Kardashian and Anita). She is also Rihanna’s partner, even going as far as appearing in her bad music video. bitch better take my money (2015). But it is as a singer that she now looks to establish herself with a brutally techno EP titled Sita Generation XDSIS. On this occasion, the social media star who looks like an alien answers our fashion and music related questions.

Interview with Sita Abellan, stylist and singer dubbed by Rihanna and Kim Kardashian

You just released a techno EP called Generation XDSIS, How was he born?
Sita Abellan , Generation XDSIS It was a journey that lasted about three years, a creative process that evolved as I experimented with different elements. This EP became a kind of “third child” for me, especially as I balanced it with the responsibilities of motherhood. Both musically and lyrically, it is a personal expression, a concept mini-album that describes my transition from girl to woman.

What does the mysterious title of your EP mean and what are the songs about?
The generation ecdysis comes from the word “ecdysis”, which is actually the process of molting that allows reptiles to change their skin. Inspired by my fascination with snakes, the title symbolizes a journey of growth and transformation. As for the lyrics, they will take you through my experiences with toxic relationships, how I escaped the lure of false success and found empowerment and spirituality.

What are your influences?
Musically, this EP pays homage to my favorite genres: hard techno, electroclash and punk, with a rebellious attitude, reflecting the freedom I felt in being in complete control of the music. otherwise, miss kittin There is an important impact. She has been my main musical inspiration since I was a teenager.

Sita – 333 (2023).

“I’m so fortunate that I don’t regret imagining any of the looks for my friends and clients.” Sita Abellan

You are a DJ, model and stylist. How do you define yourself? And how would you describe your style?
As a curiosity-driven individual who constantly seeks to express his creativity in multiple ways. my style ? Very Sita…

You have a lot of followers on social networks. What do you refuse to post on Instagram?
Although it is important to express your freedom, I believe in respecting the freedom of others. This principle also guides my actions on social networks.

As a stylist, you have collaborated Anita, Kim Kardashian Or j balvin, Are there any appearances you regret?
I’m so lucky that I haven’t regretted any of the looks I’ve created for my friends and clients. Strong bonds and mutual respect for each other’s perspectives enriched every collaboration.

“The best fashion advice I can give? Be yourself, challenge the system, embrace your originality and surround yourself with a loyal team.” Sita Abellan

What are those fashion items that you must have in your wardrobe?
Accessories, accessories and more accessories. No look can be complete without these.

What is your definition of style?
In my opinion, style means being yourself and being original. This is the most beautiful form of style. The best fashion advice I can give? Be yourself, challenge the system, embrace your originality and surround yourself with a loyal team. Ignore the naysayers, keep doing your work and remember that your uniqueness is your strength.

Who do you think is the best dressed person in the world?

In my opinion, she is someone who has an original style and who lives and respects fashion in its most creative and sometimes most hidden forms.

GENERATION XDISSIS (2024) by Sita is available.

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