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WHO will participate in a meeting on a hypothetical pandemic caused by an unknown situation.

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There will be a meeting on Wednesday World Economic Forum Topic “prepare for illness”, where the World Health Organization will participate.

“Disease X” is a hypothetical unknown threat, a term used among scientists to encourage the development of countermeasures. Forbes Colombia.

The FEM details that, according to WHO, hypothetical disease represents the identification of an epidemic initiated by an unknown pathogen, which is likely to cause 20 times more deaths than the current epidemic.


According to El Pais, the next pandemic could be caused by unknown bacteria or viruses. (Photo: Archive/soy502)

This conversation will serve to debate what efforts are needed to prepare health systems for the challenges they face.

There will be participation in this matter Tedros AdhanomDirector-General of WHO; Shyam BishenHead of the Center for Health and Healthcare at the World Economic Forum in Geneva; Roy JacobsChairman and CEO of Royal Philips; Preeta ReddyExecutive Vice President of “Apollo Hospital Enterprise Limited”; Nicia Trindade Lima, Minister of Health of Brazil; And Michelle DemareChairman of the board of directors of AstraZeneca PLC, ABC reports.

Ambito says the disease has appeared on WHO’s list of “priority diseases for research and development in emergency contexts” since 2018, but it should be noted that this is a hypothesis and does not point to any specific disease. Does it.


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