What is special about that 500 peso bill for which they pay 10 thousand dollars?

Numismatics has dozens of followers around the world, who pay large sums of money for bills and coins to expand their collections., Now they are offering 10 thousand dollars to the lucky person who has a special 500 peso note in his wallet. What do you have and where to sell it?

A bill or coin acquires greater value when it comes from a special edition – an anniversary, a tribute, etc. – or when it contains minting or printing errors. However, Not all flawed banknotes are equally valuable

Instant issuance of currency, pardon the exaggeration, is common currency in our country and as a result, there are thousands of bills with errors. it makes To avoid scams you must have an expert’s eye to recognize whether an error is unique or not.

This is a 500 peso bill for which they offer 15 thousand dollars

The 500 peso bill that they offer for 15 thousand dollars has an error that makes it unique. is about An overprint that is not part of the original bill design: Some flowers above the numbering, at the lower left corner of the back.

These flowers, which are similar to those seen on the back of the $1000 bill, appear only on this issue. it makes The price of 500 bills sold on the Mercado Libre platform is 15 thousand dollars.

Selling collectible banknotes is a quick way to make money, as long as the case is truly unique. To know if this is so, it is necessary to consult a numismatic expert, who will determine how much the specimen is worth.

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