The first judge described Maduro’s announcement as a “joke”, which only increased the bonus.

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Logo of the Primero Justicia party Reuters/Marco Bello

The First Justice described as “a joke” the announcement by Nicolás Maduro this Monday, in which he only increased the bonuses and kept the minimum wage the same.

Through a message on his X account, he indicated that Maduro’s bonus policy will continue to sink public workers.

“Maduro’s bonus policy will continue to plunge public workers into misery. There was no increase in salary, it is still 130 BS which is less than 4 dollars per month,” Primero Justicia wrote.

PJ also indicated that going 668 days without adjustment to the minimum wage is a mockery of Venezuelans, which is why he stressed the need for political change in the country.

“668 days without a salary hike! What Maduro announced is a joke, they do not solve the problem, they are the problem! Enough of this laziness, ultimately there must be political change in the country. 2024 is an important year for Venezuelans! “We are going to organize to express our desire for change and defeat Maduro in the presidential elections,” the political party said.

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