Kim Kardashian’s favorite weave is on sale at Lookfantastic

Winter Sale: Kim Kardashian's Favorite Weaver Is on Sale at Lookfantastic

Winter Sale: Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Weaver Is on Sale at Lookfantastic

After going viral on social networks, mermaid hair quickly rose to the top. Founded in 2019 by Tara Simich, the Australian brand now has nearly 80K followers and millions of views on the TikTok platform. Loved by the public, the styling tools have also been adopted by celebrity hairdressers. This is especially the case of Chris Appleton, the official hairdresser of the Kardashian family and other celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande or even Katy Perry. After the blowing brush, pocket curler, styling wax stick, waffle iron and aircurl, it’s the waver’s turn to take center stage. In a video circulated a few months ago on TikTok, the Californian celebrity hairdresser used the device to reproduce a hairstyle often worn by Kim Kardashian. In just a few hours, this curler has become a must-have styling device in your drawer! Available in pink and black, this model is now available on the Lookfantastic website. During the winter sale, you have until February 6th to purchase this waiver worth €60!

# Discounts from Pro Mermaid Hair to €60.45 75.45€ on lookfantastic

Winter Sale: Kim Kardashian's Favorite Weaver Is on Sale at LookfantasticWinter Sale: Kim Kardashian's Favorite Weaver Is on Sale at Lookfantastic

Winter Sale: Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Weaver Is on Sale at Lookfantastic


Adopt a mermaid hairstyle with this pro waver made by Mermaid Hair. Thanks to the 32mm ceramic cylinders, save time and get your locks wavy in less time than it takes to dry. Perfect for all hair types, this tool creates waves in just seconds for a natural “after the beach” effect. Very easy to use, it allows you to change your hairstyle in one go. The shape of the cylinders is ideal for creating beautiful waves without leaving marks.

Quality ingredients protect hair fibers from unnecessary damage. So you can say goodbye to frizzy hair, broken hair and split ends. Then your hair will become naturally shiny without adding even a drop of oil. Styling your hair will no longer take hours as the advanced thermal technology waves the entire hair in less than 60 seconds. To suit all hair types and not damage already weakened hair, you can adjust the intensity of the heat. Trendy and glamorous hairstyles, you are here! From a safety point of view, the device has a heat-resistant handle that eliminates all risks of burns. Other advantages, the waver automatically switches off after one hour and a small protective glove is sold with the tool.

But how to use it?

Even though this accessory was designed to be easy to use, it is still a heating device. So it is important to protect your hair well to maintain its softness, shine and softness.

  • step 1 : Hair should be clean, dry and detangled. Then apply a heat protectant spray that will protect your hair from heat damage.

  • Second step: Turn the waver on on a flat, heat-resistant surface that won’t melt your bathroom vanity. If you’re worried about damaging your furniture, you can always invest in a small silicone protective plate. Once the device turns on, select the temperature that is suitable for you. The brand recommends not exceeding 180 degrees to avoid irreversible damage.

  • step 3: Divide your hair into sections for quick styling. For beautiful waves, iron in small sections, starting near the roots. But be careful not to touch the scalp! Maintain pressure for 2 to 3 seconds and lower the iron little by little. To achieve a frizz-free hairstyle, it’s important to layer each wave.

  • step 4: Once the hairstyle is finished, allow hair to cool, then apply a light spray of hairspray and 2-3 drops of oil to the lengths. This will make them shine and give more dimension to the waves.

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