Cade Cowell is officially a new Chivas player

Through a video published on the social networks of GuadalajaraHiring forward Cade Cowell as reinforcement for Completion 2024,

Cowell He underwent physical and medical tests in the team facilities to be officially announced as the new player of Chivas this Sunday, which happened just a few minutes ago.

Mexican-American football player was born California, usaBut he has Mexican ancestry, which is why he has every right to be able to wear the shirt sacred herdIn the event of any dispute that may arise.

In the video that the team shared on social networks, reference is made to the different accents that a Mexican can have, from those who live in the center of the country, on the coast, in the north, in Guadalajara and Those who can do so have an accent of Mexican people who speak English.

“I’m here, Vamos Chivas”, were the words of Cowell Showing off team shirts in a funny team video.

Well received by chivahermanos

Most of the fans’ comments on ‘X’ showed their support CowellWho debuted for the United States team Reno 1868 Football Club in 2019 usl championship, he played in mls san jose From 2019 to last year.

When can Cowell debut?

Chivas equalized a goal in his debut against Clausura 2024 Santos Laguna, The team’s next match is against tigers, In this duel the player could go to the bench sacred herdIf yes no, I can come back to tour by the third day Shivaj Enter the Caliente Stadium to face Xolos,

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