Mushrooms with “caps” will serve as a better treatment for potato crops

An investigation by the National University of Colombia, UNAL, Mushrooms with “caps” of maximum 100 nanometers found with capacity In fields like medicine and agricultureThanks to the fact that they interact effectively with cells and tissues.

With innovative enzymes and chemicals, these mushrooms provide better treatment against pathogens Father And diseases like cancer. Despite an estimated 300,000 species in the country, only 2.4% of the total are known.

Popularly known for their ”topi” or ”chhatris”, inmushroomthey haveLeftHisfingerprintInCulture, TogetherTocharacterAssmurfsone of twognome itsofGardenIntheiradventure, But their relevance goes beyond entertainment, because inside they hide secrets valuable to science.

Yunal led the recent research, which focused on micromycete fungi. AThesisdoctorateIn Biotechnology discoveredHecan doOfenzymeNitratereductaseInfightpectobacteriumcarotovorum, AmushroomHorribleForcrops ofFather, Inspired by these results, Karen Daniela Mene, a chemist in the research group, explored whether “cap” mushrooms shared this ability, which yielded promising results.

”Initially, nitrate reductase enzymatic activity was evaluated in the context of its potential relationship with nanoparticle formation ability., In this test, an induction is performed by providing nitrate ions in the fungal growth medium and followed by its reduction into nitrite by the action of the fungus. A reagent is added to the liquid in addition to the medium where the fungus grows (known as spent culture medium), Which shows red color in the presence of nitrite. Subsequently, fungi with nitrate reductase capacity present a magenta colour,” he said.

The key to its effectiveness lies in its production Nanoparticles of silver through the reduction process of silver ions (AG+, Nitrate EnzymeReductase reduces silver ions into nanoparticles, which is essential for developing advanced treatments.,

Six species of fungi provided by the Universidad de los Llanos were evaluated. The specific species, Hexagonia papyracea, became the protagonist of the study due to its extraordinary performance. withFormcuriousOffanone of twoPartBigAndslim, itmushroomExhibitedHappenLeaderInProductionOfNanoparticles.

”The average size of silver nanoparticles obtained by Hexagonia papyracea was 18.2 nm. Regarding performance, “Keeping numerical data is complicated because it is not possible to know the exact amount of nanoparticles obtained with the techniques used,” he said.

The process involved cultivating the biomass in broth with nitrate, which was important for enzymatic action. After a few days, small onespelletscompatibletillmushroomHeAnalysisInAspectrophotometer, exposureHespeciesWereableOfproducePreciousNanoparticles,

”The main challenge was to observe nitrate reductase enzymatic activity in the induction assay. This was done twice, the first time the fungus was allowed to grow for six days and since no enzymatic activity was observed, it was done a second time, with a growth time of 15 days, where the enzymatic induction was done for Hexagonia papyracea Was obvious.” he commented.

Hexagonia species emerged with better performance at pH value of 10,A concentration Silver ions of 2.5 millimolar and a temperature of 25 °C show an effect against this type of fungus.

InvestigationNoOnlyDaringResultunpublishedButHeEstablishedHesizeaverageOfNanoparticlesIn18.9nanometer, Bestexpectationsliterary,

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