Why Aquaman 2 Disappointed Even Dolph Lundgren!

The actor plays King Nereus…and he doesn’t like the new direction the DC movie took after reshoots.

we should have got more dolph lundgren In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom , according to the actor rocky, his appearance in James Wan’s film was reduced. at the same time as‘Amber Heard ,

In an interview with ComicBook, Lundgren explained that the original scriptaquaman 2 More space was given to Mira’s father King Nereus, played by Amber Heard, But when the actress’s scenes were reduced and cut, her scenes also disappeared!

“I just realized it was kind of a blanket decision: They wanted to limit Amber Heard, but I was playing her dad so I was left with that!”

amber herd aquaman 2

In the usual way, dolph lundgren is not gentle with aquaman 2 And points out that reshoots ruined the original film:

“I was really disappointed for the movie fans. Because I thought the original script was great and the original cut – I watched a little bit of it – was really good! So I had some reason to re-shoot and reshape the story. Wasn’t visible. This obviously disappointed not only me but the fans too!

aquaman 2 After a month of operation, revenue in theaters reached $400 million, which is much more than the revenue of the first part.

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