Why couldn’t a single piece of this Ford F-150 be saved?

It is not a new thing for a vehicle classified as scrap to reach a scrapyard. But having said that, It is more difficult to assume that a rare or apparently salvageable vehicle would end up in the jaws of a crusher. Unfortunately for this 2023 Ford F-150 Platinum And some equally new trucks, that’s exactly what happened and junkyardjeff1966 recorded for his TikTok account.

It is not common to see such new vehicles in junkyards, but there are good reasons why this happens. TikToker claims that This particular pick-up was damaged after a flood, with just over 8,000 km on the counter. Before the incident.

This Ford F-150 It belongs to the most complete Limited variant, and has a 3.5 V6 PowerBoost engine with hybrid system., This system combines an EcoBoost motor, a 35 kW electric drive and a 1.5 kW battery to deliver 430 hp of power and 773 Nm of torque. Come on, it’s not a unit. access,

It is also not surprising that a fictitious insurance company refused to repair the truck, although these entities are not limited to issuing scrapping orders. had a telephone conversation between road and track And a person close to the JunkyardJeff1966 TikTok account explained this The scrapyard’s contract with the insurance company requires the scrapping of flooded vehicles, prohibiting them from disassembling them for parts to sell., This is how a new hybrid F-150 is completely destroyed.

F-150 They’re not the only new models who have passed through this TikToker’s compound, A modern Ford Bronco became a paperweight in its time, as did some Transit vans. All of them also got damaged due to flood.

According to North American insurer Progressive, Flood damage is a headache for homeowners and experts, as repairs become very expensive., Minor damage is not so worrisome, but vehicles that have spent a significant amount of time in water are almost always considered lost. And this can lead to problems like premature corrosion of sheet metal, odors that are impossible to eliminate, and even ingress of mud and sand into the shock absorbers or engine cylinder head. Modern cars have many electronic modules, more than ever before, that are prone to water damage and replacing them can be very expensive.

Comprehensive insurance policies provide coverage for floods, so it’s not a bad idea to check if this is the case for us. Whatever the case, destroying all those vehicles due to flooding seems like an incredible waste., Knowing what can be done with scrap parts, surely one could use a tailgate. at least.

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