Why does Liga MX give fewer opportunities to Mexican coaches?

Only four Mexican technicians have the right to start the Clausura 2024. Liga MXWhy? Is it lack of confidence? Is this the market? What is happening? In half time We decided to answer these questions to find out how and why.

“The lack of opportunities (for Mexican coaches) is real. I’m lucky that the club trusts me and there’s always pressure to perform at a high level. There is a lot of responsibility in it, I would love to organize a very good tournament so that they trust the Mexican coaches more,” he said. diego mejiaBravos FC coach at the end of the match cougar And your team.

Here we list (and later develop) why there are no opportunities for mexican technician,

  • K Club Liga MX On nationality ‘if you see’.
  • Clubs’ interests with certain promoters or businesses.
  • Competition system that avoids long-term projects and patience.
  • Lack of learning how they are managed in other markets.

Lack of opportunities for Mexicans in Liga MX

It’s no coincidence for him Completion 2024 Only four out of 18 teams Liga MX They have a Mexican coach.

these are miguel herrera With Tijuana, Ricardo Carbajal at Puebla, Eduardo Fuentes with Necaxa and finally, Diego Mejía at FC Juárez.

About this, half time The great former UNAM was able to negotiate with the Pumas forward, Jesus OlaldeThose who have not had the opportunity to join a Liga MX team in the technical direction despite the necessary preparation.

“We have always tried to move forward and we have the opportunity to connect with football. If you are talking about first class then it is the highest level, but unfortunately the opportunity is not given. I have looked for it many times, I have contacted the people responsible, I have talked and asked for the opportunity, not even from the first division, which would be ideal, but from the basic forces such as under 18, under 23 and lower From. , You never know when that opportunity comes, if it does I will be happy and will continue preparing.”

In the same way, Olalde He shared that in his experience “foreign coaches are more patient than Mexican coaches.”

It’s a matter of the demand for results that the format of smaller tournaments promotes. Also, it should be noted that factors such as the inclusion of reinforcements tend to favor foreign technical directors even more, citing the arrival of reinforcements. Antonio Mohammed Pumas as a clear example.

“It is a big truth that foreign coaches are more patient than Mexican coaches. The Mexican coach is not supported, I’m not just talking about giving him a chance to coach in the first division, but the support should be absolute. If they want some reinforcements or adjust their team in some way, there should be support from the board. A very clear example of this is Mohammed’s arrival at Pumas, he came and he was given full support. As long as it continues like this, both the coach and the Mexican players will always fight.

Mexico ‘focuses on nationalities’

for its part, half time He also managed to get the perspective of Nikola GravinaCurrent promoter in Liga MX.

who mentioned this Mexico The big mistake of “looking at nationalities” is made when choosing a technical director. However he also clarified that the issue of foreign coaches is a relative factor, as he believes that both mexican football As there are “good and bad” strategists abroad.

“The question of whether the coach is Mexican or foreign is relative. Personally, I think Mexican coaches have a lot of potential, but I think our big mistake here in Mexico is to focus too much on nationalities. There is always talk that a foreigner replaces a Mexican but I believe that in Mexico there are good and bad coaches, regardless of their nationality.”

like that, greyvine highlighted that one of the main problems that has harmed mexican football A new generation of national technical directors has not been able to develop: the competition system.

This is because it is believed that “results-oriented” competition dictates the process and consistency of coaches. Liga MX, As well as sharing that there is a certain “malevolence” in all the elements that make up national football.

“I think the lack of change of new Mexican coaches has greatly affected the competition system. In small tournaments neither foreigners nor Mexicans are given opportunities, because everyone wants immediate results. You can win three or four Games are lost and practically 30% of championships are gone. There is no spontaneity or peace of mind in letting the coach do the work. Also in Mexico we have the problem that ‘what is outside is always better than what we have’ ‘, whereas Mexicans are very capable of working.’

“It is also true that the Mexican is the Mexican’s worst enemy. Because when they see a coach who starts to look different, the attacks start and he is not given continuity. Also, it is a reality that Mexicans are given very little time to work, if they are foreigners they can handle 10, 12 days, a tournament or a tournament and a half, although this is not the case with Mexicans.

At the end, Nikola Gravina He also declared that, although it is not always verifiable, there are “many interests involved”. Liga MX,

Furthermore, he provided some solutions that in his opinion could benefit the development of better Mexican tech directors, such as better preparation, learning from markets that are in direct competition. South America And finally, modify the competition system.

“This issue of foreign coaches is not only in Mexico, I don’t see any other country where there are so many coaches, but for example in the Brasileirão there are 3 or 4 Portuguese, 2 or 3 Argentines and 2 or 3 Chileans, so It’s not only bad in Mexico. I think in Mexico we have to prepare to reverse this and differentiate between those who have the potential to become coaches and those who can direct in the first class, which are two different Things are.”

“Second, learning from the markets where we bring players from, you always want to learn from Europe because it’s the first level, but Europe thrives on South American talent. Third, a different competition, giving coaches more time “These small tournaments are going well for all of us economically, they bring in a lot of income, but I don’t think they are good for Mexican football.”

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