Will they affect the Assetto Corsa 2 or Project Iron?

The news is that digital brothers (and its publishing subsidiary 505 game) being in the restructuring process is not a new thing. This was last November, when amid a whirlwind of layoffs in 2023, they announced that they were laying off 30% of the workforce, especially those related to the development studio. It seems that this restructuring, like the international whirlwind, is still ongoing and now affects the offices of Italian multinationals located throughout Europe.

As Gamereactor has learned, and like EA, Activision or 2K Games in recent years, 505 Games is left without local representation in its subsidiaries on the Old Continent. This means that, apart from the Milanese headquarters and given the operational differences of the British company, Germany, Spain and France closed (some after more than 15 years of activity) and cancel their work, mainly marketing, communications and relations.

The number of employees affected is not as large as last year (less than 10 people), but it means a significant loss of direct regional connection, a step that other publishers have already taken with questionable results.

All eyes are on Control 2, Assetto Corsa 2 and Project Iron

And what about ongoing projects? Although today’s news does not directly impact the development and publishing divisions, in parallel there has been a completely coincidental announcement that Remedy now retains the rights to control for its sequel and whatever comes next, as they travel the So I had gone this far with 505 games. Point to making Control 2 a reality.

The other big question mark looms over the Assetto Corsa 2, which was expected to hit the starting grid in 2024. relation to roman studies Kunos Simulazioni Naturally narrow, and now we have to see how the label manages to produce what is undoubtedly its star release for the current year, taking into account the ongoing restructuring and apparent layoffs at the studio over the past year.

Finally, we must not forget the great AAA dark fantasy project that was being prepared to be published, developed by 505 Games mercurysteam, We learned exclusively about Project Iron, its narrative, and powerful graphics by speaking to its director Enrique Alvarez last summer, and though the game isn’t expected until late 2024 or early 2025, and though the studio keeps the IP and the entire Independent of the way it is for Digital Brothers, it will also be necessary to study how this might be affected by the fact that the publisher is tightening its belt on all fronts.

Another round of layoffs: 505 games closed in Spain, France and Germany

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